Southridge Capital — Technology and Technical Evaluation

Southridge Capital is a financial firm that was founded in 1996. They currently have 11-50 employees and specialize in private equity. Stephen hicks is the CEO and chairman. The company has recently undergone a $5 million equity purchase agreement with Elite Data Services. This deal will set the company’s finances into a new areas of wealth and prominence. The company investors will be happy to know that they will be reaping the rewards of excellent investment skills. The acquisition will give Southridge Capital access to Elite Data Service’s sophisticated technology. They use their software to market and advertise solutions for generating revenue in various sectors. The excellent software has been implemented in healthcare, gaming, and automotive industries.

Southridge Capital prides themselves on being a diverse financial holding company. Their portfolio contains investments from every sector maintainable. The managers stay up to date on the latest technologies and market opportunities. Their specializations in small cap and mid cap companies give them a direct advantage over large companies. They are able to assist regular corporations in asset valuation, management, and investment opportunities. They customize investment and financing plans for their clients and aid them in restructuring their organizations. When they are preparing plans, they will asses the client’s financial record and evaluate their goals and needs. Once they have the proper criteria, they will put the plan into place and execute it. For more details visit Crunchbase.

The clients that have been represented by Southridge Capital have been ecstatic about the returns they have seen. Their assets have grown from the previous amount they were and they were able to operate more efficiently. The valuation process and merger and acquisition advising they offer helps businesses confidently complete major accounting events. The details of mergers must be exact and Southridge Capital meticulously evaluates the balance sheets of both companies and performs an audit on the company being acquired. If a management restructuring needs to occur, then they will assist in the restructuring by preserving as many positions as possible while maintaining financial efficiency. These services have saved many corporations thousands of dollars and has earned them the great reputation they enjoy.

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