The Earliest Weapon Of War Used During The Middle Age- The Trabuco

The Trabuco is a machine that was used in the ancient times in warfare to bring down the walls of the enemies. The war machine used in the medieval period was an invention of the Chinese and was created around the 400 BC. The Trabuco which was also known as trebuchet was used to terrify the enemies during crusades by hurling stones to the opponents. The troops not only fired larges stones but also used human skulls, dead bodies, animal carcasses, fireballs, and many other forms of projectiles.

How the Trabuco Operated

The Trabuco machines were built in different sizes where there were small and large ones which required many people to operate. Moreover, the first Trabuco machine that the Chinese people invented was known as the traction Trabuco. The Trabuco was effective and was capable for firing even up to four shorts in a minute. The machine however, had its fair share of challenges as the pulling of the strings had to incorporate the human intervention to fire a missile according to The process was demanding as it was difficult to control the large number of people to operate it which led to its abandonment.


How the Trabuco Evolved

Further, after the traction Trabuco entered the balancing Trabuco also known as the hybrid Trabuco in the 11th century. The hybrid Trabuco was more efficient than the earlier one since it used a counterweight in the short arm beam to hurl the projectiles instead of people. What’ more, the large Trabuco machines were capable of hurling objects to distances of up to 80 meters while they could handle loads of up to 140 pounds. The physics mechanism behind how the war machine worked was by converting the potential energy to kinetic energy to launch the missiles.

Furthermore, the Trabuco was used in a period of more than 1000 years before the discovery of the gunpowder according to The war machine was acquired in Europe in the 600 AD and they used it in crusades among each other until the 13th century when gunpowder was invented. Additionally, the Trabuco is said to have played a big role in the development of modern day artillery that was used in the World War I and World War II.