Greg Secker’s Passion To Help Those Who Need To Recover From Natural Calamities

There are truly impressive people in business that are just adamant to succeed regardless of the risks and failures that one may face. However, the success of a business doesn’t stop at just creating profit. It also has to extend to building the core of the enterprise: the people. One should give back. One should be able to learn how to return to society the favor that one receives from it. This is one of the many situations being faced by Greg Secker, the English philanthropist who decides to give back to those who have been struck down by typhoons in third world countries.

Donation of More Than 1,000 Homes

In the article from The Philstar, we can learn that Greg Secker has been working along with the former Filipino boxing champion Nonito Donaire to assist those who have been affected by the ominous typhoon that recently hit Lemery, Iloilo. With the wife of Donaire and Greg Secker, more than a thousand of homes were being dispersed to the different communities and villagers that had been struck down. It is also good to know that the recovery of the area had been sped up because of the collective effort of these people. Without the powerful influence and donation of Greg Secker, these homes would not have been made possible.

We may also learn from the same report that Secker is the serial entrepeneur and financial whiz that has been successful in doing social projects across the world through the foundation that he’s running. In 2013, when Philippines was hit by Typhoon Haiyan, Greg Secker was also doing rehabilitation work organized by the Filipino Rosario Sanico. Truly, the passion for Greg Secker to help the society goes beyond social responsibility projects that use the concept of helping as an investment strategy. He is beyond that. He wants to help without expecting anything in return.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker is known for being a multi-millionaire in his twenties and later on has created one of Europe’s most successful trading companies. Right now he owns Europe’s most top-rated trading coaching company today.