Stream Energy Pays Customers Through Referral Program

What Is Stream Energy


Stream Energy has been a leader in the industry since 2004 and founded by Pierre Koshajki and Roy Snyder. They have been able to lead the industry in a transparent network that gives their customers prices they can afford and a trusted network. They’re now spearheaded by Larry Mondry and he continues to work with their customers on a personalized level for what works best for their network of clients. They were able to create their services at a time when they were deregulating services in Dallas as a gas retail firm and energy provider.


What Stream Can Do For Their Customers


Customers of the Stream network have an opportunity to take part in their $1 million real-money giveaway for referrals. When you refer your friends and family members, you have the option of receiving real rewards. However, they want their customers to refer their services as a trusted network provider of sustainable energy. Stream Energy also offers the same opportunity to their associates for referring a position to other sales associates and clients. They have the opportunity to earn a commission and provide the public with a truly renewable energy source.


How Stream Energy Stepped In During Global Warming


There has been inclement weather and storms in the Dallas area leaving many low-income homeowners with the burden of rising energy costs ( They introduce their customers to a green energy program that has proven the effective technology to decrease your energy costs against the threat of global warming. Unfortunately, there have been recording temperatures in Texas as a result of 70+ days of weather above 100 degrees. Their customers are guaranteed to be a part of a trusted network which allows them to save money and combat the threat of global warming.