Adam Milstein and Family Help to Raise Awareness to the Jewish Community

The Israeli and part American philanthropist, Adam Milstein is a well established real estate investor that loves to give back to the Jewish community. He and his wife Gila started a foundation in the year 2000 to help the Jewish community become more aware of the things that could support the community better.

Born in Israel, Haifa, Adam Milstein is the oldest son of Eva and Hillel Mistein. Hillel is a prime real estate developer whose mother moved to Israel in 1949 from Mexico. His father, Hillel moved to Israel from Argentina in 1948 when he was 19. He played a part in the Israel’s independence war working as the combat sailor and they married in 1950. Adam was their first born son. During the early years of his life, Adam spent his time in Kiryat Motzkin. He has two younger siblings, Dalit and Joshua.

In the year 1971, Adam was demanded to participate in the Israel Defense forces. His service was mandatory and he served while the Yom Kippur War went on in 1973. He went on to fight on the Egyptian front under the direction of General Ariel Sharon and he then participated in the Suez Canal crossing. Adam Milstein went on to enroll at the Technion. He then went on to graduate with his bachelors in science degree within business and economics in 78. While he continued on in his higher educational years, Adam and Hillel expanded the real estate construction as well as development of the business.

Adam Milstein went on to marry Gila Elgrably in Haifa, Israel in 1974. The family then moved to the United States in 1981. Adam went on to receive his masters in business administration from the Southern California University. After that, he went on to begin working in commercial real estate.

In the year 2000, Adam and his wife formed the Milstein Family Foundation. The group or organization sponsors the ongoing education for the students and young professionals to help them relate to their Jewish roots. It helps them to connect to the Israel State and to help them to find their inner Jewish pride. It also helps to teach them the facts they need to know to advocate further for the Jewish community.