Using Securus Technologies in Crime Solving and Prevention

Securus Technologies provides law enforcement with high quality technology that is essential in gathering evidence for solving crimes. Many officers who use this technology have made statements about the high quality and beneficial uses of the equipment provided by Securus Technologies. These statements include information about being able to use phone calls for a search warrant to arrest a corrupt staff member. In another instance law enforcement were able to listen to a conversation in the background of an inmate phone call home to gather evidence for a recent shooting that had occurred. Using this technology in incarceration facilities has allowed law enforcement to monitor and limit any contraband an inmate may obtain. It is clear that the technology provided has innovated the way law enforment conducts investigations, not only in the field but in incarceration facilities as well. Keeping the peace among imates is just as important as keeping the peace on our streets. As of October 2016 Securus Technologies served more than 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and correctional agencies across North America. The company invites potential customers and investors alike to visit their Technology Center in Dallas, Texas for more information and a presentation on what they can provide to help solve and prevent crimes. This is an amazing opportuntity to see the benefits of using Securus Technologies in your investigative process!