George Soros Achievements in His Quest to Make the World Better

George Soros is a philanthropist who has given a lot of his fortune to fund various organizations and individuals in a bid to help fight for freedom of expression. Soros who was born in 1930 in Hungary experienced the Nazi occupation during which more than 500,000 Jews from Hungary were killed. Soros family managed to survive by acquiring new identity and helping others to do the same.Soros then left Budapest in 1947 to London where he began working as apart-time worker for a railway station and waiter in a nightclub. George managed to gather enough and joined the London School of Economics and graduated with a degree in economics.George then relocated to the united states where his career mainly revolved around finance and investments. Soros has made a fortune in the field and uses the wealth to carry out his philanthropic activities.

George began his company a hedge fund in 1970,the Soros fund management and according to the open society foundation publication and he is rated as one of the most successful investors in the US. George has used his wealth to begin the open society foundations. The open society foundations is a network of foundations and projects in more than 100 countries and reflect the work of George Soros and his desire to see the world a more just place.George began his philanthropy in 1979 by supporting black South African during apartheid rule. He also gave support and helped promote the exchange of ideas in Hungary by assisting the communist travel to see the what others in the west were doing. George founded the Central European university to help foster critical thinking. He has been able to expand his philanthropic efforts to the world at large helping create and ensure governments are more accountable,democratic and transparent.

George has written various books including the open society and its enemies book and believes that countries will only flourish where there is a democracy. Beyond his organization, he supports organizations like a global witness,the international crisis group,the European Council on foreign relations and the Institute for new economic thinking among others. George who is now around 86 years of age continues to participate in activities of the open society foundation and 2017 he transferred part of his fortune to the foundation to ensure continuity of what he began.George has continually been committed to fighting for the rights of the oppressed and to help solve the world’s problems and ensure a better place. According to the open society website, George Soros is one of a kind, and his desire to see the world a better place by giving his fortune to causes one would consider lost and without complete solutions.

Madison Street Capital’s Achievements and Awards

Madison Street Capital is a Chicago based firm offering companies and businesses around the world with informed financial advice in investment banking. It helps businesses to make the complex transaction, access credit quickly, and to make in-depth investment decisions. Madison Street Capital also offers merger consulting and company evaluation services. Madison Street Capital reputation is not questionable, and their services are customer centered, the following awards and recognitions say it all.


Anthony Marsala, Mr. Marsala MSC’s co-founder was selected for the under 40 award by National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. Marsala who has 14 years experience in the investment banking industry got the award because of his outstanding performance in business valuation and mergers.


MSC Credit, MSC in 2014 helped Vital Care Industries a manufacturing industry based in Illinois secure a commercial loan from a suitable lender. Vital Care’s CEO said that it was a great achievement to get the loan.


Award Finalist, MSC was awarded by the finance professionals with M&A Advisors Award for their outstanding performance in setting up admirable financing, restructuring and acquisition deals.


Merger Assistance, Madison Street Capital, helped DCG Software Value to merge with Spitfire Group successfully. This is one of the successful mergers that MSC facilitated in 2017.


Maintenance System Management, MSC made arrangements for easy and quick access to finance for Maintenance System Management in early 2017. MSM’s president said that MSC went beyond their expectation by providing other useful information as well.


Turnaround Award, Madison Street Capital received the award for the restructuring transaction valuing below $25 million in 2016. MSC was competing with over 300 firms in the Turnaround Award.


Philanthropy, Madison Street Capital has been involved in a lot of charitable acts. In 2011 MSC contributed large sums of money to the victims of harsh weather conditions that destroyed property and homes in Midwestern and Eastern United States.


About Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital has a team of professionals with in-depth knowledge of the financial market and extensive relationships making it among the best middle market investment firms. MSC professionals are experienced in creating appropriate business arrangement and capitalization structure to meet client’s needs.


MSC believes in creating high businesses networks in the United States and Canada. Madison Street Capital also has offices in Africa, Asia, and North America. They are dedicated to meeting clients’ needs and philanthropic activities to impacting lives positively. Madison Street Capital has received several awards both locally and internationally for their satisfactory customer service in the investment banking industry. Learn more:


Using Securus Technologies in Crime Solving and Prevention

Securus Technologies provides law enforcement with high quality technology that is essential in gathering evidence for solving crimes. Many officers who use this technology have made statements about the high quality and beneficial uses of the equipment provided by Securus Technologies. These statements include information about being able to use phone calls for a search warrant to arrest a corrupt staff member. In another instance law enforcement were able to listen to a conversation in the background of an inmate phone call home to gather evidence for a recent shooting that had occurred. Using this technology in incarceration facilities has allowed law enforcement to monitor and limit any contraband an inmate may obtain. It is clear that the technology provided has innovated the way law enforment conducts investigations, not only in the field but in incarceration facilities as well. Keeping the peace among imates is just as important as keeping the peace on our streets. As of October 2016 Securus Technologies served more than 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and correctional agencies across North America. The company invites potential customers and investors alike to visit their Technology Center in Dallas, Texas for more information and a presentation on what they can provide to help solve and prevent crimes. This is an amazing opportuntity to see the benefits of using Securus Technologies in your investigative process!


The Details Of Jay Z’s Partnership With Live Nation As Their Deal Ends

Almost ten year’s ago musician Jay Z signed a deal with Live Nation that was for $150 million. It is now coming to a close and going forward Live Nation is only interested in continuing the live performance part of his business. Due to this, Jay Z and one of the top executives at his company Roc Nation, Desiree Perez, are sounding out other top players in the music industry about a deal involving his recorded music business.

The deal that they signed is called a “360 deal”. This means that when the contract is up each party has two options; either selling their share to the other party or buying Roc Nation in its entirety. There is no talk of the deal between Roc Nation and Live Nation being extended.

Recently Jay Z and Desiree Perez had a visit with Sir Lucian Grainge who is the top executive at Universal Music Group. This generated rumors that Universal Music Group could be interested in buying a share of Roc Nation. If this bears fruition it will give Roc Nation the resources to bring in new musicians to work with and promote.

Desiree Perez has worked with Jay Z for many years. She is now the chief operating officer of Roc Nation. She is responsible for handling negotiations with artists and businesses in support of Roc Nation. She is also very good at working numbers and mentally putting together business packages. One of her accomplishments was negotiating the details of Rihanna and Samsung’s deal. She has had her position at Roc Nation since 2009.

Beyond her role at Roc Nation, Desiree Perez has also been in the entertainment industry in other ways. One of these ways was in the movie “Change: The LifeParticle Effect” which came out in 2013. In this documentary she had the opportunity to play herself.

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Life Line Screening Process And Expectations

Lifeline screening is essential; it helps in detecting early signs of heart disease, cardiovascular, and some types of cancer. It is crucial that you know the process of Lifeline Screening before you visit the facility that offers the service. Just like any other medical process, dressing and diet are the major things that you need to consider before attending a life line screening session.

The lifeline Screening process is painless, and it doesn’t require complicated preparations. You will need to wear loose clothes, keep your cell phone off, don’t wear a watch, and wear a short-sleeved shirt with an open collar before going in for atrial fibrillation or stroke. Bone mineral density screening requires that you wear no pantyhose as you proceed for the testing.

Glucose and complete lipid panel screening require that you fast for 12 hours before the testing. hs-CRP or elevated C-creative protein and high liver enzymes have no prior preparation. The 6 for Life Package screening requires that you wear a short-sleeved shirt or a long –sleeved shirt but one that you can quickly roll up, you also need to fast for 12 hours before the screening. Wear a short-sleeved and avoid pantyhose for the Ankle-brachial index screening.

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Lifeline Screening is performed by professionals who give you detailed feedback of your screening results and answers your questions efficiently while in the screening process. The screening machines are standard, and hospital quality and the whole process takes a maximum of 90 minutes. You will be informed if you need to see a doctor and a written report will be provided so that you can discuss the taste results with your doctor. The screening services are affordable and maintain the required standard.

Lifeline Screening gives accurate results this is because they use ultrasound technology and the sonographers are highly skilled, and again they use modern machines. The results are also verified by a board of certified physicians before releasing. The results from Lifeline Screening are mailed to the concerned person in 15 days, and you can share with a physician from an accredited medical facility.

Lifeline Screening services are available to all people, those who use wheelchairs are assisted to stand and turn around in the process of screening. Your privacy is imperative that is why the screening area is separated from the waiting area, and you don’t need to remove your clothes in the waiting area.

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Life Line Screening – What You Need Prior To Your Screening

Preparing for your Life Line Screening doesn’t haven’t to be scary or overwhelming when you have medically trained professionals working for your best benefit. Life Line Screening is an advanced medical screening company that is committed to providing a variety of screenings that are beneficial in the prevention and detection of certain diseases. Medical technology is constantly evolving and there are always changes happening. Life Line provides the most advanced technological machines and procedures that are essential to providing the best possible results for each patient. They believe that their screenings can help detect and prevent certain issues so that each patient can live a healthier life, and they are dedicated to ensuring that each screening is thoroughly processed. They understand that each patient is different and will have different needs. Each screening is intended for individuals with relevant risk factors and they will make sure that each one is assessed appropriately. What they will be looking for is family history, medical history, personal preference and any other risks that may evolve or be present.


They offer a large variety of screenings and each one has very little preparation. However, there is still preparation that should be followed prior to your procedure. Cardiovascular screenings are very important if you’re at risk for a stroke or heart attack. For these tests, you will want to make sure you wear very loose clothing in a two-piece form. They do not allow any electronics or oils during these procedures. They also do screenings for abdominal aortic aneurysm which requires very little fasting. It’s recommended that you fast for at least four hours and ensure that your last meal before fasting is quite small. They recommend not eating gassy food either, so they can get a clear picture of your abdomen. Each screening allows you to take all of your medication as prescribed. The screening for peripheral arterial diseases requires loose clothing, short sleeve shirt, and no pantyhose. They do a wide variety of testings for diabetes, bone density, high cholesterol and elevated liver enzyme testing. The package screening, which involves a multitude of different screenings, will require up to 12 hours of fasting also.

They fully believe that early detection and the identification of risk factors can increase the overall health of each patient. The data that is compiled through their screenings are given to each patient so they can further assess their needs if preferred.

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Choosing TheFreedomLife Insurance Appropriate For One’s Life


Life insurance is something that can be helpful to all kinds of people. There are a number of people who choose to purchase a life insurance plan at some point in their life, and they do that for a number of different reasons. It is important for those who are choosing to buy life insurance to understand the various plans that are out there and the way that each one will work in their life.


Term life insurance plans can be helpful for those who know just how long they would like to have the plan for, and who have a specific reason for purchasing a plan. Those who would like to get set up with life insurance that they will be able to use for their child’s schooling may find a term plan to work for them. Freedom Life Insurance is a company that offers many life insurance options, and it is a great example of what a life insurance company should be.


Permanent life insurance is something that should be considered by those who would like to keep their life insurance until they pass on. Those who would like to make sure that their family will have money when they die should consider permanent life insurance and the plans that are out there. They should look into the various plans that they can choose, and they should find one that will make sure that they are setting their family up well.


Life insurance comes through many different companies, and each company has something special to offer. Freedom Life Insurance is a company that is available to those who ware looking for life insurance that they can rely on and a company that can be trusted. Those who are seeking the kind of insurance that they can keep in their life and know that it will be good when they cash it out can find that through Freedom Life Insurance. Check more:

Whitney Wolfe Herd Making Waves in Mobile Application Innovation and Grandiose Weddings

The life of Whitney Wolfe Herd could not be described as dull. The CEO and founder of Bumble has not only found herself at the forefront of networking app innovation, seated snuggly in a brand-new headquarters, but she has also found herself a newlywed.

Whitney Wolfe was married to partner Michael Herd in early September. The celebrations and ceremony were held over the course of four days on the picturesque Amalfi Coast, with the utmost style. In an array of dresses aptly described as elegant, Whitney Wolfe became Whitney Wolfe Herd.

The changed marital status has not slowed the progress of this business woman, however. Wolfe Herd has overseen huge changes at Bumble, the dating app known for giving women the initiative in connecting to potential matches. Looking to build a new headquarters for Bumble, Whitney Wolfe Herd went looking for a place isolated from the technology community. She found just that in Austin, Texas.

Bumble moved into a currently standing building and built off the present foundation. What they have created stays true to the company’s name. Natural light, bright-yellow color, and a hive of hexagons cover the interior. With a focus on creativity, the company feels confident this new headquarters will help spur them further into the innovation sphere of networking applications.

Sweeping updates haven’t been limited to HQ locales. From her graduation at Southern Methodist University to her founding and becoming CEO of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe Herd and Bumble have become big names in the realm of mobile networking apps. Most recently, changes to Bumble have seen the introduction of Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF.

Bumble BFF is an extension of the original Bumble app for making friends, while Bumble Bizz is specifically for business networking. Both these new platforms are built upon the same principle the original Bumble was built: Empowering women to make connections. As such, women still have the initiative to open up communications with a potential business or friendship match.

With eyes to the future of Bumble, Wolfe Herd spoke at a recent celebration for Bumble Bizz. She gave a strong speech concerning supporting women, as well as raising up the next generation of young women. She also made clear her intentions: Bumble will not only continue to empower women in their various relationships, but will also work towards making sexism in the work place a distant memory through this empowerment.

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Examples of 3 Beautiful Churches in Minnesota and the Mighty Fortress Church

The church is an essential element in religion that has adopted striking intricacies and architectural designs. Throughout the country, there are many churches with different history and heritage. This article will cover three most beautiful churches that have stood out in the state of Minnesota.

Cathedral of Saint Paul

The Cathedral of Saint Paul is situated in Minnesota’s city of St. Paul. The church is one of the most beautiful structures in Minnesota, and many people attend the masses and sermons held here. The main architectural characteristic of the church is the beautiful dome-like structure covering the top of the church. The Cathedral of Saint Paul was established in 1995 as the national shrine of St. Paul in America, an accreditation approved by the Vatican.

The Stella Marie Chapel

The Stella Marie Chapel is located on the campus of St. John’s University. The church was built in a Romanesque-style and reflects beautifully against Lake Sagatagan. The Stella Marie Chapel can only be accessed by canoeing across the lake or doing a one-mile hike. The church was constructed by St. John’s Abbey’s Benedictine Monks in 1915.

Basilica of St. Mary

The Basilica of St. Mary is the third example of the most beautiful Beaux-Arts architecture and well-known for its intricate carvings on the walls. The church belongs to the Roman Catholic order of churches built in the early 1900s.

The Mighty Fortress Church

The Mighty Fortress Church is another example of one of the most beautiful churches in Minnesota. The church has an exquisite interior with state of the art facilities that complement the church’s spiritual ambiance. The Mighty Fortress Church is led by Bishop T.R.Williams who is also the founder of the church.

Williams is a highly respected minister who obtained his ministerial training at Rhema Bible Training Center and has ministered for over thirty years. Bishop T.R.Williams uses the church to transform the modern world by renewing people’s spirit. In other words, Mighty Fortress focuses on an individual’s inner beauty in a bid to inspire change in visitors.

The church embraces a multi-dimensional and authentic approach to worship by offering encouraging messages and worship services for modern day living. The Mighty Fortress Church also considers that everyone is important and can contribute to the body of Christ. The worship at Mighty Fortress Church is upbeat and aims at giving people an enjoyable experience.

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