A Look at Eduardo Melzer’s Remarkable Entrepreneurial Journey

Eduardo Melzer Sirotsky is undoubtedly one of the most inspirational personalities in the Brazilian corporate scene. Duda, as he prefers to be called, has defied expectations to rise to the topmost echelons of the corporate world. This is attributed to his resilience, discipline, diligence, and down to earth demeanor. He is also known to have a pragmatic approach to business issues, something that has helped him undertake successful business ventures.

From a young age, Duda Melzer harbored the ambition of managing other people’s wealth. The dream has certainly morphed into reality if his success in the corporate world is anything to go by. At the moment, he is the president and chief executive officer at RBS Group. This is a multinational with diverse interests throughout South America. Under Duda, the company has expanded to previously uncharted markets besides recording record earnings. This attests to his judicial and proactive leadership.


According to Globo, Duda believes that upcoming entrepreneurs can only succeed if they get properly mentored. This explains why he has endeavored to mentor upcoming corporate executives since his early days as an entrepreneur. He was a panelist on you with the President, a mentorship program that targets young entrepreneurs. For more details visit Globo.

Through the forum, the upcoming entrepreneurs are advised about pertinent issues in business. Duda gave a keynote address at the forum. Duda is a known transformational leader who always regards long-term business strategy when making corporate decisions. This is what has enabled him to succeed at RBS. When he took over, his first duty was to pinpoint weaknesses and strengths within the setup of the organization.

Thereafter, he worked towards strengthening the weaknesses and fortifying the strengths. Duda is an alumnus of Harvard University and the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul. Before being appointed RBS’s CEO, he had successful stints at several firms including Delphi and Boxtop. His experience will definitely help RBS to tighten its grip on the Brazilian market.