Julie Zuckerberg’s Career As An Executive Recruiter In New York City

Julie Zuckerberg is a highly talented executive recruiter that is located in New York City. She has 15 years of experience connecting highly qualified candidates to executive positions at the corporations she has worked for. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy which she earned at City University of New York – Brooklyn College.

Soon after graduating, Julie Zuckerberg got her first job as a recruiter with Hudson in New York. Working as the Director of Candidate Placement at this firm for 5 years, she recruited for the legal industry. She connected lawyers, case managers, paralegals, and their supporting staff positions to Hudson’s clients in the legal and financial industries. As she was a director in this position, she also led her staff of recruiters and served them as a coach and counselor while also resolving conflicts between different subordinates.

Julie’s experience at Hudson led to her first executive recruiting role which she earned at Citi. She was the Vice President of NA Professional & Executive Recruitment at this firm from 2007 to 2013. This was a complex job because executive pay can involve many issues such as equity buyouts, deferred compensations, and clawbacks. She also had to navigate issues like relocation, including international relocation of some executives which includes a host of immigration issues and paperwork. In this position, Julie Zuckerberg also served as an advisor to the top business leaders at Citi and lent her expertise on how to recruit executives, which way compensation was trending in the industry, and how to attract the best talent.

In 2013, Julie jumped to New York Life Insurance Company where she was a Corporate Vice President in charge of executive recruiting. She recruited for this company’s nationwide need for executives. She also managed a team of sourcers and recruiters who found good candidates for positions the company needed to fill. However, she only stayed with this company for 4 months because she didn’t feel it was a good fit for her culturally.

In April 2014, Julie Zuckerberg joined her current company, Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank is an international banking firm with its United States offices located in New York City. Julie is the banks US Talent Acquisition and Executive Recruitment Lead. Her job involves bringing in candidates to fill positions up to the Managing Director level of the firm. She also provides her expert advice to the top executive at Deutsche Bank involving the best recruiting practices, how to do it efficiently, and how to appeal to top level executives. Additionally, she is involved in limiting attrition from the ranks of executives at the company and proactively addressing their needs.

In her personal life, Julie enjoys fitness which includes jogging. She also enjoys traveling both domestically in the United States and internationally to places like Spain. She also loves the arts and cultural experiences that are constantly going on in New York City.