Sweetgreens: Selling More than Salad

Sweetgreens is a fast, casual salad chain that is selling a lifestyle. In his interview with Business Insider, (March 21, 2016) Nathaniel Ru, co-founder, and co-Chief Executive Officer, explains that Sweetgreens is built on the belief that doing things right does not mean sacrificing efficiency or profit. Ru discusses the company’s commitment to offering a sustainable product which values the chain of production from farm to table. In conversations with farmers, Sweetgreens asks what is already being grown, then builds their menu from this, the food that is provided locally. Not following the common restaurant practice of requesting that farmers grow the food needed for their predetermined menu, Sweetgreens minimizes waste and maximizes nutrition. Ru shares a particular experience talking to broccoli farmers. When asked about what was done with the tender, nutritious leaves which surround the head of florets, they discovered that the leaves were left in the field when the flower heads were harvested. Sweetgreens quickly acted on this information, creating a variety of menu options which use broccoli leaves as part of a delightful dish.


Nathaniel Ru is one of the three co-founders of this ingenious company. With Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Neman, Ru is proud to offer patrons a retail experience that feels good. Customers feel a sense of relief knowing that they are partaking in retail done right. Sweetgreens knows that their employees, at every level, are their best asset and treat them accordingly. With “Coaches” and “Teammates” the company has designed a winning program. Employees have bought into the vision, and customers enjoy the positive energy along with the high-quality product. Ru explains that Sweetgreens is elevating the usual process of simply selling a product, to a higher level, a personalized, consistent service to each customer. The produce is fresh every day. Salad dressings are made completely from scratch and each consumer has a personal salad technician walk with them through the process of building a uniquely savory salad. Ru shared that they have worked hard to incorporate technology in order to enhance their customers’ experience. If you don’t want to walk through building your salad, you can join the 30% of Sweetgreens’ customers who enjoy creating their salad on the user-friendly app. Pick-up is made quick and easy at a designated check-out.


And the best news of all, Sweetgreens is very affordable. For the price of a burger meal, we can all eat something delicious that we can feel good about. If you are like me, you are only left with one desire. You are hoping a Sweetgreens soon opens near you!