Construcap Is Set To Construct A Regional Hospital In Sorocaba

Construcap has won a tender to construct a company building in the new regional hospital in Sorocaba. According to the tender documents released by the Government of Sao Paulo, Construcap will begin working on the project immediately. It is expected that the project will be completed within a span of three years.

The state government has invested over R$248.4 million on the project. The money will be used to fund every on aspect of the project on, including civil works, furniture, medical equipment, surgical instrumentation, transportation, and information technology. The facility will be the second regional hospital in the area. It will be located along Raposo Tavares Highway. The City Hall donated The 37,000 square meters of land where the hospital will be built.

The regional hospital will boost the healthcare sector in the region as it comes equipped with 250 beds. Of these, 96 beds will be used in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The hospital will also have 10 operating rooms. Moreover, the regional hospital will have a helipad, teaching and research center, and a full diagnostic imaging service. These features will make the hospital one of the best in the region.

According to the tender documents, Construcap will administer affairs of the hospital for the next twenty years. Within this period, the corporation will be charged with the duty of hiring administrative and operational staff at the hospital. However, the state government will be in charge of appointing medical and health professionals. These professionals will be appointed based on their qualifications and experience.

The companies that will be responsible for the construction of the Pearl Byington and the Sao Jose dos Campos were also announced. Construcap also won one of the tenders. This brought the total amount of the contract to R $772.2 million

About Construcap
Engineers Henrique Pegado and Ciao Luiz Pereira de Souza founded Construcap in 1944. Since then, Construcap has continued to enjoy enhanced productivity and profitability margins. With the success of its projects, the company has risen to become one of the leading construction companies in Brazil. Construcap focuses on delivering sustainable projects, which have minimal environment footprints.

Construcap has won several awards. Empresas Mais ranked the company highly in terms of having the best financial performance in the South American nation. The company has complied with international standards on It has been certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001. Over the years, Construcap has been providing its employees with favorable working conditions. This way, the employees have been able to grow both personally and professionally.

EOShimmer- The Next Evolution of Smooth

EOS, or “Evolution of Smooth”, is a beauty company dedicated to creating natural beauty and skincare products that give the user smooth, lovely skin. Their most recognizable product, their lip balm spheres, are the crown jewel of the company, and for good reason- they work wonderfully!

Recently, EOS lip balm came out with two new types of lip balm with something extra special- shimmer. Available in pink shimmer and pearl shimmer, the EOS Sheer Shimmer collection gives you light, wearable color with a hint of shimmer. The pink adds a lovely pink tint to lips, while the pearl leaves behind only a delightful scent and a hint of shine. These lip balms are just as soothing and pampering as EOS’s previous offerings.

The real glory of these lip balms is that they’re as versatile as you want. They can be worn on their own for a subtle daytime look, or layered over your favorite lipstick to add some punch. A lovely look for a night out would be EOS Sheer Shimmer in pearl over a bright red matte lipstick.

EOS Sheer Shimmer lip balms can be found online at Ulta Beauty’s website, Target’s website, Racked website or the EOS website itself. While you’re shopping, check out their other lip balm options. Each flavor is as amazing as the last, and all provide the legendary moisturizing qualities of EOS. You can even find medicated options for extra chapped lips.

No matter which EOS Sheer Shimmer color you prefer, you can guarantee that your lips will be well hydrated, shimmery, and look as luscious as you want.


Sweetgreens: Selling More than Salad

Sweetgreens is a fast, casual salad chain that is selling a lifestyle. In his interview with Business Insider, (March 21, 2016) Nathaniel Ru, co-founder, and co-Chief Executive Officer, explains that Sweetgreens is built on the belief that doing things right does not mean sacrificing efficiency or profit. Ru discusses the company’s commitment to offering a sustainable product which values the chain of production from farm to table. In conversations with farmers, Sweetgreens asks what is already being grown, then builds their menu from this, the food that is provided locally. Not following the common restaurant practice of requesting that farmers grow the food needed for their predetermined menu, Sweetgreens minimizes waste and maximizes nutrition. Ru shares a particular experience talking to broccoli farmers. When asked about what was done with the tender, nutritious leaves which surround the head of florets, they discovered that the leaves were left in the field when the flower heads were harvested. Sweetgreens quickly acted on this information, creating a variety of menu options which use broccoli leaves as part of a delightful dish.


Nathaniel Ru is one of the three co-founders of this ingenious company. With Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Neman, Ru is proud to offer patrons a retail experience that feels good. Customers feel a sense of relief knowing that they are partaking in retail done right. Sweetgreens knows that their employees, at every level, are their best asset and treat them accordingly. With “Coaches” and “Teammates” the company has designed a winning program. Employees have bought into the vision, and customers enjoy the positive energy along with the high-quality product. Ru explains that Sweetgreens is elevating the usual process of simply selling a product, to a higher level, a personalized, consistent service to each customer. The produce is fresh every day. Salad dressings are made completely from scratch and each consumer has a personal salad technician walk with them through the process of building a uniquely savory salad. Ru shared that they have worked hard to incorporate technology in order to enhance their customers’ experience. If you don’t want to walk through building your salad, you can join the 30% of Sweetgreens’ customers who enjoy creating their salad on the user-friendly app. Pick-up is made quick and easy at a designated check-out.


And the best news of all, Sweetgreens is very affordable. For the price of a burger meal, we can all eat something delicious that we can feel good about. If you are like me, you are only left with one desire. You are hoping a Sweetgreens soon opens near you!




Jericho’s Podcast Network Announces “Beyond the Darkness” on Norman Pattiz’s PodcastOne

Norman Pattiz, founder and executive chairman of PodcastOne, recently announced that they are launching “Beyond the Darkness.” This new program is the latest offering of Chris Jericho’s podcast network that will explore paranormal and dark side of the world. Jericho, of WWE fame, has a podcast network that is under the aegis of PodcastOne. On this show, the hosts Dave Schrader and radio producer Tim Dennis, will have informative and entertaining discussions with renowned paranormal researchers, unraveling the mysterious netherworld. New episodes will release every Monday and will be available on PodcastOne app and


Pattiz claims that when PodcastOne signed on Chris Jericho’s The Jericho Network Collection under their umbrella, they knew that it had the potential to grow beyond the world of wrestling. During his illustrious career, Jericho worked with comedians and will now take his fans to the paranormal world with as much alacrity. This show has the makings of a popular podcast that will attract a huge number of listeners.


Chris said that he is pleased to announce “Beyond the Darkness” podcast as a part of Jericho Network. He also asserted that the show hosts, Tim Dennis and Dave Schrader, are at the pinnacle of their supernatural broadcasting success. They already have a loyal fan base that trust their findings and believe in their work. Chris also noted that with “Beyond the Darkness,” he hopes to expand his already huge fan base and provide them with deep insights into a variety of other topics.


About Norman Pattiz


Norman Pattiz, famously known as the founder of PodcastOne, is also acknowledged as an inspirational leader. He holds over four decades of experience in radio synchronization and used his knowledge to found Westwood One which became America’s largest radio network of news provider. Westwood One has successfully managed to own and circulate NBC radio networks, CNN radio, CBS News, March Madness, The Super Bowl, Summer and Winter Olympics, and many other celebrated music and talk shows.


Pattiz also established Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010. He also added PodcastOne and PodcastOne Sales, leading national podcast sales and marketing companies to his ventures just recently. In the year 2000, Pattiz was appointed by President Clinton to serve on the United States Broadcasting Board of Governors. In 2002, President Bush reappointed Pattiz to the position. He also contributed to the introduction of Americas Arabic Language Radio and television services, launching the radio and television service in all Middle Eastern countries. He also inaugurated a Farsi language broadcast to Iran with a listener base of over 40 million. Currently, he serves as the chairman of Los Alamos National Security Laboratories as well as the Regent of the University of California.


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NCAAF Betting Odds And Information

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Securus Technologies’ Video Visitation Is A Gift For The Holidays

Securus Technologies is always trying to boost the uses for its incredible communications programs. Securus Technologies is a major name in the correctional industry and has made pioneering inroads with video visitation services. The new, brilliant app created by the company has allowed inmates to better communicate with those who are unable to always visit in person.


The holiday season is among the most important times of the year to keep families connected. Securus Technologies recently released a wonderful video entitled “Securus Family Communication During Xmas“. The video shows how a father is able to stay in touch with his son when the young one is opening presents.


The “video” aspect is stressed significantly in the video. A phone call is nice, but the age-old device provides no visual memories of the event. Modern technology allows for audio and video. Someone who watches his or her children opening presents is always going to keep that memory forever. The video visitation program developed by Securus Technologies aids with attaining those desirable visual images.


The quality of the video program is incredible. The clarity of the images are quite sharp, which is sure to be appreciated by those who want the images to be as perfect as possible.


Securus Technologies’ Video Visitation now works with the top Apple mobile devices. Various other mobile devices and computers can use the program quite effectively. Inmates who want to improve long-distance communications would benefit from checking out this high-tech visitation program. The company really has developed an amazing program, a program capable of bringing much joy to families.