Stem Cell Therapy Offers COPD Hope

COPD has been plaguing millions of Americans for decades. No new treatments have been available for years. Until the Lung Institute starting working with stem cells, it seemed like the standard of care would not change. Stem cells offer more than a regenerative treatment, it offers regeneration of damaged lung tissue, which could go a long way for COPD patients. The autologous stem cell therapy that the Lung Institute of Tampa offers will derive stem cells from the patients own blood or bone marrow. This treatment can then help the patient’s body heal itself.

According to, since opening three years ago, The Lung Institute has successfully treated 3,000 patients. COPD has long been stigmatized, because the public views it as a result of smoking. However, it afflicts both smokers and non-smokers alike. Awareness and education is key to gaining support for the COPD sufferers and the alternative treatments provided. The numbers of people that die each day from COPD are staggering. These new treatments offer hope to reduce the death rates, because they alleviate more than just the symptoms. Regeneration of the damaged tissue offers hope to COPD sufferers, so they have a better chance at a healthier life. This new treatment could offer relief from the disease and hope for recovery.

The Lung Institute offers regenerative treatments for multiple diseases that have afflicted Americans. COPD and pulmonary fibrosis are two diseases that have seen improvement in their therapies. 84.5% of patients have improved their lives through the treatments offered at the Lung Institute.




Don Ressler Steers TechStyle to Greater Heights

With the launch of TechStyle Fashion Group, JustFab revealed its new corporate identity. TechStyle maintains its original roots in technology while evolving from an online subscription platform to a global brand. Through its brands, FabKids, JustFab, Fabletics, and ShoeDazzle, TechStyle Fashion Group have over 4 million VIP members.

TechStyle embraces the data-driven marketing strategies to extend its addressable market. For the past three years, TechStyle’s membership has risen to over 10 million. Don Ressler, the co-founder of TechStyle envisions to transforming the shopping experience by offering on-trend fashion at incredible prices. Over time, TechStyle has evolved from a brand-building to a data-driven and personalization enterprise. By managing the entire business cycle on, TechStyle has taken over the fashion industry. Techstyle’s new corporate identity succeeds a growth strategy demonstrated over the last six years. In fact, the firm has become one of the leading online fashion retailers, which has its design, manufacturing, and distribution models. Through merchandizing and subscription, TechStyle Fashion Group is estimated to surpass its targeted $650 million in net revenue by close of 2016.

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Funding history of TechStyle Fashion Group

In 2013, TechStyle Fashion Group raised a second round of funding, raising $85 million from Technology Crossover Ventures, Shining Capital, and Matrix Partners. The funding brought the total capitalization to $250 million. Since the evaluation was quite impressive, many investors became interested in investing in TechStyle Fashion Group. Speaking during the launch of TechStyle, Don Ressler noted that the consolidated financial performance would be instrumental in negotiating better deals with investors and suppliers. Furthermore, the firm would be able to invest in additional ventures to support growth and expansion. Besides, TechStyle intends to launch a West Coast distribution channel to extend its addressable market according to Don Ressler. TechStyle’s investors look at a possibility of building a global brand worth of $3 billion.

Why is TechStyle located in El Segundo?

Although TechStyle may have been founded in El Segundo by accident, its stay is purposeful. After a brainstorming session in a living room in Manhattan Beach, Don Ressler and his business partner, Adam Goldenberg landed on the idea of forming JustFab, an online subscription fashion retailer. After successful two years, Ressler and Goldenberg decided to expand their services out of South Bay area. As a result, they relocated to El Segundo as it was near an international airport, close to a beach, and with a spacious yard ideal for expansion.

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Shea Butter: A Multipurpose Wonder


Shea butter is a fat that is occasionally used as a substitute for cocoa butter. Its taste is distinct and is common in many African dishes. In addition to a food product, Shea butter serves as a base for some medicinal ointments. Shea butter can be used as sunscreen, pain reliever, and a remedy for nasal congestion. There are various grades of Shea butter that determine its consistency and quality. Grades A, B, and C are commercial grades, while grades D and E have impurities that make it impractical for daily use.

The process of cracking, crushing, roasting, and grinding the nut and its content is an art that takes years of dedication and the right equipment to master. For cosmetics, the highest quality of butter is necessary, as the skin responds differently to unusual consistencies. One great source is Eugenia Shea, a company that specializes in all types of Shea butter for all purpose. With origins in both Ghana and America, it is keenly aware of different methods of preparation and the benefits of each practice.

The company sells everyday, pregnancy strength, and dermatological strength Shea butters. In addition, its gift packs of butter are perfect for gifts are traveling presents. When it comes to expertise, Eugenia Shea is the industry standard for high quality Shea butter. Not only is the company dedicated to producing the finest products, it has an outstanding reputation in terms of professionalism. 15% of their profits are redirected to female workers in Ghana via an education fund. Eugenia Shea is a fantastic source for all Shea butter needs.

Handy Maintains Profits with Bountiful Services

Handy is a company that has managed to become a reliable source of assistance for a number of things that people have to do around the home. Hanging picture sand shelves may have been a hassle before, but it isn’t anymore. Moving may have been a difficult process, but now it is a breeze. Handy is the company that has made that a reality for people that have been struggling to do these things in the past. That is the growing extent of what this company has started to engage in for the sake of profitability.

In the early stages of the Handy Cleaning Services ( it was dusting, sweeping and bed making that were the priorities of the workers that were contracted by Handy. As time progressed this company would become a business that was getting more customers that wanted more services. That is when the co-founders tuned into what the customers were in need of. They would build a company that would benefit a lot of people that needed even more than cleaning services. That is why most people refer to Handy Cleaning Services simply as Handy because the company does so much more than that these days.

Homeowners are able to book services for a lot of different things, and cleaning is just a portion of the business model. Electricians and plumbers are at the ready with Services can be booked in less than 60 seconds if you have the app on your iPhone or Android devices. This gives people the comfort of using a single company to resolve all the problems that they have inside of the house. It is great to have a trusted group of professions that also offer a money back guarantee on the services that are being booked through this company.