Kate Hudson’s Breast Cancer Awareness Partnership and Fabletics Merch

Kate Hudson – mother, actress, athleisure wear designer, and health enthusiast – has partnered with the Council of Fashion Designers of America, having agreed to become this year’s ambassador for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. She has designed a capsule collection of clothing to support the cause as well under her three-year old design company, Fabletics. The collection will include capri leggings, two tank tops, and a bralette.

Hudson is enthusiastic about the partnership, and about the capsule collection of Fabletics she designed in celebration. She states that she especially wanted to create something women would want to actually wear, not just to buy for the sake of a worthy cause. She placed particular focus on the shades of pink chosen; no pastel baby shades here – bolder, deeper fuchsias instead.

“Everyone knows someone that has been diagnosed with breast cancer,” Ms. Hudson points out. “When you think about it, it’s very scary, but we’ve come so far… We’ve got more and more survivors, but it’s something that’s still very much a part of our lives.” As an expression of solidarity with women, she has dedicated a portion of her time and her business to fighting back against this insidious disease that continues to affect the lives of so many women we all know and love.

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It’s interesting that Ms. Hudson’s chosen field in fashion of Fabletics, athletic wear for women, has recently enjoyed a surge of interest and is ‘on-trend’ as they say. Even such high-end collections as Versace and Vetements are getting in on it now, with athletic wear on offer. Kate Hudson was early in on this field, and her line is well-designed and well-thought of by her clientele. She states that her leggings in particular do very well, with a very high percentage of repeat customers.

Coming soon: the brand’s first high-waisted leggings, which Kate says are great for anyone who’s had children, or maybe not had children but just prefers to have that support. And maybe especially in pink.

Learn more about Fabletics: http://www.adweek.com/news/advertising-branding/kate-hudson-makes-her-new-fabletics-spot-feel-youre-scrolling-through-her-instagram-feed-172709

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FreedomPop’s Irresistible Free Offer Offers

The need for communication is universal but incapacitating everyone to achieve the same remains difficult to achieve. Despite having many telecommunications in the market, the cost of communication remains relatively high. However, FreedomPop, a telecommunications startup is trying to revolutionize communication with “free” services. These services include mobile phone services, voice, and text as well as data. With its services currently concentrated in the United States, FreedomPop plans to expand globally with its next stop being the UK. The company’s innovation has led to the introduction of “unlimited everything” which can be upgraded through subscriptions to premium packages. With close to forty million users, the service is rapidly spreading with plans underway for global expansion.

Signing up

Notwithstanding the popularity of its services, many people still do not understand how to access FreedomPop’s services. The procedure simply involves getting to their site and with your zip code and email address; you can identify its availability. When availability is confirmed, the site then leads you to the plans page where you choose the desired plan. However, the free option offers a monthly 500MB of data while additional services require a premium subscription.

Lowest prices

Until recently, communication costs as indicated have remained high for many users. However, this is rapidly changing and is set to experience more changes with the entry of FreedomPop in the “free” market. It is now practical to change the previously pricey carrier contracts and achieve a free mobile plan thanks to FreedomPop. To access these low prices, users have an option of bringing own mobile phone devices that are Sprint compatible.


There are very favorable FreedomPop reviews of the packages. There various packages available with FreedomPop after purchasing a Sprint enabled device. These packages are based on the wireless broadband that facilitates phone services as well as data. With only $9.99 per month, a user can access up to 1 GB of data and 2 GB for $ 17.99. There are also “premiere” packages that cost $ 28.99 for 4 GB and $ 34.99 for 5GB. Upon signing up, users are automatically eligible to access the free plan.

Freedom Friends

Upon signing up, users have the option of connecting with people they know through the Freedom Friends App. The application works by connecting with other people through linking an email address to check for mutual users in the service. It is also practicable to invite other people to the service. These Referral connections come with an extra bonus of an additional 10MB data per month.

Learn more: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2427635,00.asp

Reputation Management In Nigeria

In Nigeria’s current economic situation, small businesses are finding it extremely hard to survive. Most businesses are overwhelmed with all the different things they have to worry about just to keep their doors open. In addition to the business strategies they also have to consider how to make any money. One of the strategies that is gaining the most attention in Nigeria today is “online reputation management”.

It’s no surprise to anyone today that practically everything, including shopping for goods and services, is done online, and because of this fact a businesses online presence can make it or break it. In addition, it is now essential to know how to protect your online reputation. Jumia Travel is going to share several tips that can help you manage and expand your online business. Step one is to join and be active on several Social Network media platforms. When used correctly these media platforms can be an effective way to shape a business’ reputation. This normally doesn’t happen instantly, but with original content and a complete profile that includes your picture, you can start gaining connections with your target market.

A good place to start is with Facebook and twitter accounts. With these two, in particular, be sure that you constantly send updates and new content. Also, do not delay in responding to tweets, posts , comments or questions from customers. If you do, this can have a negative impact on your reputation. Also, be more of an information source rather than constantly trying to be a salesman. Think more about engaging with your customers rather than trying to constantly sell things to them. Adopting this attitude will, in the long run, actually make you more sales.

Aside from using social media look for other ways to promote yourself and your business. A good way is with web advertising. If you are not able to afford web ads another method is to go on other sites and blogs and be sure that you write articles about topics that will establish you as an expert in your particular field. Also be sure to register your business name on business profile sites and directories. Another good idea is to have your own website. These are surprisingly easy to get. First, you need to buy a URL or web address. You can get these from GoDaddy or several other vendors. Then look for someone that can build you a website. It doesn’t have to be fancy just one or two pages is all you need. There are even companies that will build you a Free website. They can do this because they will host the site for you and charge a small fee. Just Google build me a free website.

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Norka Luque Is A Latino Artist With Incredible Vocals

The music industry needs fresh talent. The music business is a nonstop revolving door where artists come and go like shoppers in a mall. Most musicians practice their trade because they love what they do. Becoming famous is a perk that few of them achieve in their musical careers. But that doesn’t stop them from performing every day. Music is the innate love of sound and poetry blended into harmonious melodies filled with individual expressions. Some of those expressions hit a nerve in all music lovers, and that’s when artists become famous. It doesn’t matter where those artists come from, or what they look like when their talent is showcased in a particular musical genre. A good example of a musician that has the attention of music lovers from all walks of life is Norka Luque. Luque is the Venezuelan-born artist that is destined to be a music legend, according to some music executives.



Miami is the mecca for Latino musicians. Artists that want to break into the big time in Latino music come to Miami, and they take a shot at being discovered. Norka Luque moved to Miami when she was still in school. Her parents recognized her musical abilities when she performed in a musical in Venezuela when she was eight. The Luque’s decided to move to the Miami area, so Norka could take voice and piano lesson while she attended high school. Norka decided to study in France, and she spent four years there. She didn’t give up music while she was studying fashion, the culinary arts, and business, however. She joined a small group called Bad Moon Rising, and she became the lead singer. Her time with the band gave her the confidence she needed to pursue music as a career. But she didn’t choose music right away. Norka worked in the financial business in Monte Carlo before she returned to her musical roots.



In 2007, Norka attended a Ricky Martin concert, and that was the catalyst she needed to move back to Florida. Norka decided to sing in a club on South Beach, and that’s when her big break came. Word got back to music producer Emilio Estefan that Norka had the voice he was looking for. Estefan offered her a recording contract, and Norka started working with the producer that made the Miami Sound Machine a worldwide sensation.



Norka had to take a break in 2015 because of health issues, but she’s back, and her music is climbing up the music charts again.


Follow Norka at twitter https://twitter.com/norkaluque

The Musings and Mentality of Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of a Newark based non-profit called the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. He works with Newark CEDC to help them with their goal of helping businesses in Newark. He helps small businesses in all industries in the Newark area.

He has worked at Newark CEDC since Septemper 2014, and he still enjoys helping small business owners.

Newark CEDC helps companies understand their financials, how capable they are of starting and/or maintaining their own business and they also offer loan assistance. Their goal is to help small businesses reach the next threshold.

 Kevin Seawright is adamant about not labeling any business owner, or targeting just minority or women-owned businesses. “We think all businesses are important. If anybody comes to Newark with a good small business plan, we’ll support them. We do not code it to just woman owned or minority owned. If it’s a good business plan, we want to be able to support it,” He said in an interview in February 2016.

 Newwark CEDC also offers other services to help develop the community, including an incubator class, which is a 12 week course that teaches how to start and run a business. Students receive a $500 business grant at the end of the coarse to start their own business.

Kevin Seawright doesn’t see any disadvantage for the business going forward. He is happy to help and sees the Newark community growing to become a healthy thriving community with their help. He believes the most important things businesses need to survive is financial stability and training for businesses to have financial stability.

 Kevin says the biggest mistakes businesses make is with taxes, whether that’s not filing taxes on time, or filing them inaccurately. Having good credit is also very important for businesses. Newark CEDC does not loan money to candidates who have a credit score below 650.

Kevin gives a lot of credit of the Newark CEDC success to teamwork. He says teamwork and having a good team is important, and that’s what Newark CEDC has. You only have to look at all the new businesses to know that.

Marc Sparks Moves Timber Creek to New Location

According to an article recently published on PR News Wire, Marc Sparks has moved the offices of Timber Creek to a new location in Dallas. From this new office, Marc will help a limited number of new startups on their road to success. After having started several businesses over the last 35 years, he says that the work environment is 25 percent of what it takes to make a new company successful. Therefore, he hopes the new environment will help everyone succeed.

Marc says that most new startups spend the majority of their day at work. If they are working in a warehouse in a low income part of town, then they will eventually feel like no one succeeds.

Alternatively, if the startup entrepreneur is working in a swank office setting where successful people pass by on a regular basis, then the startup team feels that they can succeed. While it may just be psychology, Marc says it can make all the difference in the world.

Marc is the author of “They Can’t Eat You” in which he chronicles his own adventures with starting companies over the years. As he states in his book, it takes collaboration to make a new company succeed. Therefore, those joining him at his new location will have access to shared office equipment, banking, marketing and so many other things.

The new entrepreneur will also have access to a variety of other professionals including venture capitalists, graphic designers and marketers. This will allow the startup to focus on getting their company off the ground.

 When Marc is not busy working with a startup team, he can be found helping many programs in the community. One of those programs is Habitat for Humanity which builds homes for people who otherwise could not afford them. Another program that Marc supports regularly is his own nonprofit that gives used laptop computers to at-risk youth attending the I Can Academy.