White Collar Crime

The investment industry has had its fair share of crime in recent years. The SEC is a government body that works to make sure this crime is kept to a minimum. When people do violate the law, it is important for them to take responsibility for their actions. A lot of people do not realize just how dangerous white collar crime is. A lot of people hear about stories on the news, but these things rarely affect them personally. However, it is vital to the overall economy that white collar crime is kept to an absolute minimum. Over the long term, this can be a great way to enhance the economy as a whole.

SEC Attorney

There are several people who are tasked with finding out about crime in finance. There is a SEC whistleblower program where people can get financial compensation and protection for telling on someone who violates the law. Although this program has been a success in the past, there are few people who actually want to participate. The financial compensation is nice, but you then have to live the rest of your life worried that someone is going to get revenge. In addition, many people have to end up moving away from where they currently live. All of this is a major issue with the program today. However, the good news is that the program has had a lot of success in recent years and is slowly starting to gain traction.

Financial Advisors

One of the major areas of concern today is with financial advisors. A lot of the people in this industry do not have the best interests of the customer in mind. Instead of looking for ways to help them build wealth, they are simply looking for ways to earn higher commission checks. Earning a commission is not a bad thing, but at times this has taken precedence over helping their clients. This is something that is frowned upon by many people in the industry. If you are someone who wants to help others by being a financial advisor, it is vital that you think about the long term.

Overall, the SEC is a government body that is tasked with protecting people from Wall Street. There is a lot of white collar crime that goes unreported, but the SEC is trying to fix that in any way that they can. Hopefully this program has success and it can expand in the future.

Securus Has The Best Way For Everyone To Benefit From Calling Technology

There are a lot of us who are calling jails every day, and we believe that we can help people because of the calls we make with Securus. We make a lot of calls without nonprofit because we know that it is the only way for us to call the jails and get the help we need. We know that we have to speak to them, and they know that we are calling. The video calls we make help us check in pretty easily, and then we can share information with our advocacy clients.


We know that Securus has set up the video calling in a way that is simple for us to use, and we know that the inmates are happy to see us. It helps them have a connection with the outside, and we also think that we can help people in a way that others cannot. We know that we want to help people make sure that their cases are handled the right way, and that is why we use Securus over all other options.


We also heard about their Investigator Pro because we know that it is the best thing for someone like the police to use. They might uncover evidence that helps our clients, and we are very pleased that they are willing to help everyone with the technology they need. It is something that we are very pleased with, but it is something that we really appreciate.


Securus has been helping us a lot with all our phone calls, and we like that they are helping the police. There are many people who will benefit, and we are helping families and inmates get their advocacy done. We want to be sure that we can see our clients, and we are so ready to continue our work with their help.


Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Sweetgreens Changing Healthy Food for the Better

Eight years after graduating from Georgetown, three students created America’s sexiest startup. These students were not happy about the jobs that awaited them after graduation. This is what lead them to want to create their own business. They found that Georgetown was lacking in better food options. With that in mind, they started Sweetgreen which provides healthy farm-to-table salads.

They were able to fund their idea with the support of their family and friends. With their family connections, they were able to target some high-profile investors. One of their first investors was Joe Bastianich. Joe decided to invest in their idea because he believed in their passion and liked their business plan.

With this money, they were able to open their first restaurant in Georgetown in 2007. Over the years they have grown to include 31 restaurants nationwide and are projected to open 10 more in the next year. They were able to see so much growth because they disciplined and had a very detailed business plan. That paired with their winning idea is what drove them to greatness.

The atmosphere of their company is very different, and many label it as being a hipster. Their employee structure is also different from other companies. They are all about building and growing relationships within their company. This includes everyone from their farmers to their app developers.

Nathaniel Ru is one of the three students that created the idea of Sweetgreen. He currently works as the companies CEO. He got the entrepreneurial spirit from his family. Nathaniel dad’s started his own import/export business out of Los Angeles. So, he grew up watching his dad create his own business and not having to work for someone else. He claims that the entrepreneur enthusiasm was hardwired into his DNA.

Nathaniel met his other co-founders while they were all studying at Georgetown. He first met John in a freshmen Accounting class. They bonded quickly since they were both from LA and their love of music. He would always talk about business plans with John, which is what lead them to come up their Sweetgreen idea. After opening their second and having no customers the first day, Nathaniel believed that their business dream was done. But it was John that kept them together and said that they should focus their efforts towards marketing. They did this by passing out flyers and playing music every Saturday and Sunday. Their hard work has paid off.

Online Reputation Management With Multiple Sources

For business owners, they are going to get customers from multiple sources. Therefore, they are going to get mentions from multiple sources. In many cases, customers are going to have some kind of platform that you can Brand Yourself and make reviews on that the business owner does not know about. As a result, the business owner may be blind-sided by a bad review which will take away some of his customers. Therefore, it is important for the business owner to be able to find some kind of company or tool that will help him find all mentions of him good and bad so that he will know how to respond accordingly.
Among the different sources of information about companies that people release their reviews on are forums, social media platforms, review sites and plenty of other platforms. Therefore, it is important for the online business owner and other people that are affected by online reputation management to be able to handle every mention of the company. However, it is important to be discerning about the battles one would fight. For one thing, if the business owner gets into a problem with everyone that mentions something bad about the company, then he will look petty to his customers. As a result, there will be a loss of them. Also, there will be some people that will do everything they can to provoke him.

Fortunately, there are ways to deal with information from multiple sources. Among the methods of handling mentions are hiring an online reputation management agent and buying a tool for brand reputation management. With software, one could track all of the mentions of the company. This will help him identify every source of information so that he will know whether or not it is a high priority. With the online reputation management company, the business man will also have a chance to deal with any brand mentions with the help of the company.


Fabletics Will Open Its Own Stores Soon

Fabletics has been one of the biggest fashion brands on the rise, and it is helping people make sure that they look great even if they are running out the door. It was started by Kate Hudson because she has no time to sit around and work on her clothing. She has to toss her clothes on and leave the house. She is far too busy to spend her time wondering how she is going to get dressed in the morning, and that is where Fabletics came from.

Fabletics is a big company now that has a big online catalog, but they also want to be sure that they have given their customers a chance to order in a real store. They plan to open about 100 stores in America that will have more of the same athleisure they already offer. It is something that makes life very easy for the woman who is busy, and it is something that makes the woman look good even though she has absolutely no time to fuss with her clothing.

Fussing with clothes wastes time in the morning that women do not have, and it is also possible that women can change out of their Fabletics into other clothes during the day. They can make a big change to the way that they look, and they need to be sure that they have bought from Fabletics because they have all the interchangeable pieces that are needed.

The clothes work with anything, and that means that a woman can accessorize without even thinking. She can pair up her clothes easily, and she will not have to worry about how she looks. The clothes always work no matter what the day will bring.

There are many women who will look great because they have spent their time looking at Fabletics as a real option for their daily clothes. They will look much better because they have chosen to wear something chic, and they will change out of the clothes easily. Every person who needs a much better wardrobe should go with Fabletics and their new stories.

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