Making Sense with Securus

Inmates have a lot of complaints on a daily basis and they have a lot that they could complain about. Jail is not exactly a fun experience and, in the past, they had to bother the correctional officers with the complaints that they had for the jail, the employees and the other inmates. This took valuable time away from the correctional officers and prevented them from keeping track of the jail in the way that they should. The inmate complaints often became a distraction and prevented officers from doing their job of keeping the jail secure. It was becoming a big problem for the prisons.

With an estimated average of 13.8 complaints per inmate per day, Securus has made the process easier and better for inmates. They do not have to have a correctional officer present to make a complaint. They can now use a kiosk that has automated forms for them to complete complaints. They do not even need the attention of the officer to be able to do it because it is done on a machine that sends it directly where it needs to go. Whether it be sent to a medical portion of the jail or even the warden, inmates can do it without correctional officers.

The program is designed for inmates who are able to read and write, but there are some tools that they can use if they are struggling with the way to send a complaint. The program is available in many different languages to suit the needs of nearly every inmate who wants to use the program. Things that are also available on the kiosk include phone calls, emails and even the opportunity to purchase commissary. The kiosks are intended to streamline the jail process for inmates, correctional officers, administration and loved ones on the outside.

Hacks For School With Wengie

Wengie is a woman who enjoys Do It Yourself activities. There are several DIY hacks that will make going to school much easier and a little more organized. One way to keep up with all of the homework that you are assigned along with the club meetings and other important details of school is to make a To Do List from a chalkboard. Add four small sticky notes to the board so that you can write dates and information about the task. Peel off the top note after the task is completed to have a new space to write.


If you’re looking for a way to store all of your notes at home so that they are easy to find, consider using a dish washing rack, Wengie said. The small area where the utensils would go is ideal for markers and pens while the dividers for the plates and bowls can hold folders, small notebooks and papers. Apply tabs to the top of each paper to correspond with the subjects that you are taking to make finding your information easier while the rack sits on a desk.


One of the things that you might notice if you take a physical education course is that your shoes will smell. Put two tea bags in your shoes to help get the odors out of them. This way, the shoes won’t smell up your locker or your book bag when you store the shoes inside after class is over. A dryer sheet also works if you want something with a little scent.

How Don Ressler has Made a Name for Himself in the Corporate World

Don Ressler has distinguished himself as a brilliant entrepreneur during his illustrious career. He has founded successful businesses in the fields of fashion, media, and e-commerce. After his first startup, was acquired by intermix Media, Ressler’s eyes were opened to the numerous opportunities available in business. He teamed up with Adam Goldenberg, who was Intermix’ COO, to start Alena Media in 2001. Since then the duo has gone on to form one of the most fruitful executive partnerships.

For a long time,  Ressler was intrigued with the idea of running an online business. He therefore sought ought to sharpen his skills in online advertising. This saw him partner with Goldenberg to form an autonomous brand building enterprise. The two entrepreneurs brought on board former Alena employees to form Intelligent Beauty. This was a direct selling firm, whose first product was Dermstore, an Internet-based cosmetics and skincare marketplace. Two years later, Ressler led the launch of SENSA, a groundbreaking online weigh loss program.


Most people recognize Don Ressler for the role that he played in the formation of JustFab in 2010. This is an online fashion retailer, which has taken the industry by storm. The firm’s remarkable growth has mainly been attributed to Ressler’s impeccable networking and fundraising skills. In 2011 for instance, he sought venture funding amounting to 33 million dollars from Matrix Partners. One year later, the firm raised an additional 76 million dollars from Matrix Partners, Crossover Ventures and Rho Ventures.

Ressler has played a significant role in helping JustFab expand operations to new frontiers. He has led several acquisitions, which include FabKids, The Fab Shoes, and Shoe Dazzle. These acquisitions have enabled JustFab to grow its customer base to over 6 million active subscribers as reported on Forbes. It has also diversified its services and now has several physical stores in different locations. Ressler oversees JustFab’s day to day operations. To attract a wider audience, the firm has roped in celebrated actress, Kimora Lee Simmons, who serves as the president. JustFab recently made inroads into the gym wear industry when it launched Fabletics.

Don Ressler has created a niche for himself in the corporate world by being a strategic leader, who is always ready to offer pragmatic advice whenever he is called upon. He has successfully spearheaded the operations of numerous ventures, which has made him a renowned brand-building guru. Companies that he has founded during his career have generated revenues in excess of 1 billion dollars.


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