What is Investment Banking?

Unlike a conventional bank, an investment bank handles risky and bigger projects. Proprietary trading is one of the things investment banking helps with. This involves buying stocks and other financial instruments on behalf of customers in a bid to make profit. An investment bank also launches new products and offers insurance for bonds. Due to the risk potential of the activities carried out by an investment bank, it has not been possible to merge conventional banks with investment banks.

Sales and trading
The primary function of an investment bank is to sell and buy financial products on behalf of its clients. Clients buy financial products in order to make money in every trade. Therefore, investment banks have a sales force, whose objective is to contact institutions and investors to inform them about trading ideas and accept orders issued by other traders. The team also discusses pricing and calculates potential earnings from a sale or buy. These are strategists, who are also tasked with offering advice to external observers who are willing to venture into a market.

Risk management
This involves preparing analyses of the market regarding the credit risk to clients into their balance after certain transactions. The risk is focused on market activity such as bond issuance, loan syndication and restructuring. Investment banking professionals like Martin Lustgarten who work on risk management conduct a review of trading activities and sales using the VaR model to come up with hedge-fund solutions.

About Martin Lustgarten
Martin Lustgarten is a renowned business professional, who works as a professional financial analyst and investment banking assistant to various companies and individuals. Martin offers advice regarding securities and helps investors to understand when to sell or buy securities. He is a key expert in the stock markets as he holds exceptional skills that are useful in providing analyses and predictions useful to traders.

He is an investment expert in every field, so anyone looking to run a profitable business should seek his counsel before entering the market. He keeps a diverse portfolio that highlights his successes and contributions in the achievements of major companies and businesses. Follow Lustgarten on Instagram @mlustgarten to keep up with his life.

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Seven Day Journey with WEN By Chaz

Emily Mcclure, fashion & beauty blogger, had a long day running errands and desperately needed to wash her hair. She decided to experiment with popular all-in-one hair cleansing conditioner called WEN By Chaz. Emily opted for the sephora marketed Fig conditioner, because it promises to help obtain moisture, bounce and shine. She documented the results after each use for seven days. The article was originally featured on Bustle.com.
She was a bit doubtful due to the amount of product recommended to use in the instructions. In spite of this, day 1 rendered awesome results. Emily’s hair instantly felt thicker and shiny. The following morning, her roots were already greasy and she did not have time to shower. To her dismay, her hair was was flat also, but was able to retrieve its luster. Emily loved the ending results on day 3. She also mixed WEN with other styling products, and it was an overall success. The next day was a bad hair day, due to Emily not having time to wash her hair on this particular morning. Day 5, Emily washed her strands and also had time to curl it. She was happy with the results and had more confidence as opposed to days prior. Emily bagan to become acclimated to this routine with WEN on the sixth day. On the last day of her experiment, Emily experienced wonderful results. She would use the product again, especially when she desires more shine and volume.

http://www.bustle.com/articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing- conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened

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WEN By Chaz is a hair care line, formulated for any hair type. It was created by celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean. His products are all natural and environmentally safe. He sells his products on guthy-Renker.

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Brian Bonar is Showing the World Why He is One of the Best in the Finance Sector

Brian Bonar is the Chief Financial Officer of Dalrada Financial Corporation. His company provides employee benefits packages for other companies. This includes workers compensation and insurance in case of accidents.

His company has thrived under his instruction, and the business offerings are helping many firms take care of their employees and their bottom line. Read more:  The New Frontier

His firm is known for offering complete employee benefits packages that encompass all business needs and single items. The options are variable so that firms can purchase what they need to take care of their business and their workers.

Brian Bonar was recently nominated as a Who’s Who in the Cambridge recognition program. He was selected as one of two male and two female executives to receive the top honor. Only professionals with extremely successful businesses that have accomplished many things are chosen for this honor.

The nominees are people who are very successful in their companies and those who have academic leadership skills that are beyond normal. Being nominated for this award is an honor in and of itself, but it is an even bigger honor to be named a winner of the top prize. People who achieve this status are often high-caliber executives who are known for their witty ideas, innovative technologies, and perseverance during strife.

Brian Bonar is a prime example of an expert CEO that has his head on straight and can put together a strategic business plan that helps his company and many others excel. His inclusion in the Who’s Who of Cambridge Honors is just one example of his exceptional skills and negotiating techniques.

His company is set to stay ahead of the competition by offering the products and services that they already feature and more. New honors will come to Brian Bonar because of the exceptional standards that he has set forth.

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Inmate Calling Improved Through Securus Technology

I know how important it is to keep communication lines open between family members and inmates. But communication has always been very hard. Phone calls have always been a little to pricey for some families, and taking the long trip to a facility is no picnic. Some families have to request days off or plan the trip perfectly just to make sure that everyone made it to see the inmate.
But someone saw the plight of both inmates and family members; this someone is actually a company called Securus Technology. This company has been in the forefront of new technologies that seek to improve civic services, criminal justice systems, public protection, investigations, and a host of other agencies that deal with the government. In my perspective, Securus Technology has always tried to find a balance between people and technology. Needless to say, I was excited to see how they were attempting to improve communications between inmates and family members. Watch this video on Youtube.

I was surprised to find out from BBB.org that they were introducing internet-based communication. At first I thought it was just going to include a few emails from time to time. But no, Securus Technologies is attempting to give inmates a much broader experience with the internet. They are to be given a chance to do video to video chat sessions, emails, and texts. This means that an inmate will be able to see his or her son or daughter enjoy a birthday. Or the inmate might be able to see a video of his or her child performing some school-related event like a dance or even a speech. All the family members has to do is record the event, and email to the inmate.

The price for all of these tools are much more affordable and would end up saving family members and inmates money. Family members will no longer have to worry about wasting money on gasoline to go see their loved ones. All they have to do is chat through a video session.

Correctional facilities are loving this idea because it comes integrated with the most sophisticated algorithm and Big Data system available. This means that correctional officers will be able to monitor all communications for suspicious communications without being invasive. The Big Data technology will do the monitoring and will only sound the alarm when there is a possible issue. The system is easily integrable and does not require too much training to use. It is really a win-win situation for everyone.

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Read more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/securus-presents-to-over-400-prisonjail-customers-since-grand-opening-of-technology-center-300260314.html

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