Experimenting with Wen in 7 Days

Uncertain about the popular infomercials about hair care line WEN by Chaz (see, http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html), one Bustle writer sought out if the product would work as intended. Bustle writer Emily McClure sought out the beauty product and decided to try it for seven days to see if it would make her course, thin hair more full, just like the infomercials promoted proudly. Specifically trying the Sephora fig version of Cleansing Conditioner, which is a fusion of shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment, Emily wanted results that gave her hair more moisture, bounce, and a less thin look.

During her first day of using Wen, Emily noticed that after its usage in the shower, her hair looked more shiny and bouncy, giving her happy results right away. But after a day, her hair returned to a normal, greasy state. Through her 7 days of using the product, this was the case every day. After a shower with WEN, her hair was thick and bouncy, but after a busy day her hair would go back to being greasy. Emily suggest that it’s a great product for people with fine hair that shower and style their hair every morning, but it is not for people who skip washing their hair every other day.
WEN was developed by Chaz Dean after his interest in hair quickly became a professional career specializing in styling and cutting hair. Chaz was later hired by a successful company developing specialized products, where he developed an interest in creating his own products. Chaz Dean quickly became one of the most sought out stylists in Hollywood, his salon being sought by Hollywood celebrities. With his passion for styling celebrity hair, he developed WEN Cleansing Conditioners and thereafter was sought out by people outside of Hollywood to sell produce his styling conditioner.
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