Event Planning for the Modern Day

People sometimes suggest that art is impractical. If one acquires a degree in art, people will think that there is really no job that they can get with that degree. Artistic people need to find some trade. They should become butchers or work in the post office. Art, they will suggest, is a hobby rather than a job. But in this interview, Jessica Boskoff pointed out how art is much more than that. Art is one of the most practical disciplines in which a person can be skilled. Everybody needs art, and art can emerge in some very pragmatic manners. Through her event planning business, Twenty One Layers, Ms. Boskoff uses art in a very applicable and helpful way.

Decor is something that is often overlooked. When you walk into a room, you do not study the decor and think about what it expresses. Nonetheless, it does affect you (it affects all of us) in an almost subconscious way. The decor can set the mood of the room. Your apartment may have an aura of professionalism as a result of the decor. Decor is potent, and Twenty One Layers knows how to utilize that potency to generate the atmosphere that an event calls for.

Color schemes and patterns can emerge in different ways and from different sources. It is left up to the creativity and discretion of the designer. If you have a skilled designer, she will know how to angle objects of a certain color in a particular way that will complement the rest of the room. That is what Twenty Three Layers does. When they plan a wedding, they will something as simple as frosting or a book to adorn the room and set the atmosphere. They know how to make the day special.

Ms. Boskoff and her company Twenty Three Layers is based out of New York. They have developed the company and their skill in art throughout the years in one city that is very hospitable to artistic endeavors. Through Twenty Three Layers, Ms. Boskoff demonstrates that art really is practical.