Making The Choice Of The Manse On The Marsh

Our parents have provided everything for us. They should be able to live out their older years in luxury and carefreeness. When the need for assisted living arises take the time to consider all options, including The Manse on the Marsh. This campus resembles a high end hotel with all the amenities and luxury.

When entering the main building on their campus one will be immersed in beautiful carpets, furniture and art. Large windows adorned with luxury curtains, as well as a grand fireplace are all what is contained inside. Areas where residents can sit and enjoy a warm fire or simply visit with one another are plentiful. These areas are contained within the wide open welcoming atmosphere but also offer privacy.

The Manse on the Marsh is unique in that it offers an on campus theater where residents can take in an afternoon movie. Many activity rooms offer arts and crafts, yoga and low impact aerobics for all proficiency levels. Two different dining areas cater to almost every taste and dietary need.

Living quarters are also a cut above at the Manse. Choose from a variety of sizes from efficiency, one and two bedrooms, as well as small cottages. No matter the size desired there is a perfectly fit for everyone. Staff are available to help with cleaning up and weekly vacuuming and dusting.

Living arrangements can also include a beloved pet. The Manse on the Marsh allows smaller pets in each resident’s rooms. The staff can help residents with daily care and health checks for the pets. If mobility is an issue for the resident, staff can also aid with walking dogs.

The Manse on the Marsh is located in beautiful San Luis Obispo California. This means that the weather remains pretty level and warm. The sun is shining most of the time and this offers residents the ability to relax on the outside decks and patios and at the bistro on the Manse campus.

Professional and friendly staff is what makes the biggest difference at the Manse, according to the Yelp reviews. These individuals are well trained and educated so that they are enabled to offer exceptional care and service to every resident. If an emergency should arise, the average response time is under 90 seconds. That is peace of mind for the safety of loved ones.

Finding the perfect assisted living facility for loved ones may prove to be difficult at times. The best way to approach the need is to ask questions, take tours and always thoroughly think through every decision.  Read more at, or you can get real time  updates from the Twitter @themanseonmarsh