How Is Bernardo Chua Expanding The Vision For OrganoGold?

Bernardo Chua has presided over the OrganoGold brand for some time, and he is a scion of the coffee and tea industry. There are many people who love the OrganoGold brand because of their flavor, and OrganoGold has distinguished itself with their organic growing techniques. There are wonderful sellers around the world who are allowed to manage their own businesses, and this article explains how OrganoGold has become the greatest of all the tea and coffee manufacturers.

#1: Bernardo Chua Wants To Move Outside Asia

Asia has been the home of OrganoGold for several decades, and Bernardo has been happy to allow the Asian population to create a following for OrganoGold. Their coffees and teas are sold by the millions every year, and Bernardo has helped grow the company by adding more sellers, more products and maintaining organic growing. The move to North America coincides with the release of a new energy drink, and America is the greatest place to move for the energy drink market.

#2: The GanoExcel Expansion

GanoExcel is the organic and flavorful energy drink created by OrganoGold for the world market. There are several customers in America who would love to try a new energy drink, and fans of organic products will enjoy finding something that provides them with a needed boost of energy. Bernardo believes that OrganoGold may expand quite a lot with the help of GanoExcel, and new sellers in America will find new customers for the company.

#3: Why Has Bernardo Maintained Organic Growing Principles?

Organic growing is something that OrganoGold did before most other companies. Any company that has been growing organically has not been growing as long as OrganoGold. OrganoGold was several decades ahead of its time, and the company has maintained organic growing to keep up with the times. Bernardo has chosen to keep the organic growing principles of the company, and he uses those principles to market the company to this day.

Anyone who loves coffee and tea must try the OrganoGold brand as it makes its way to America. Bernardo Chua has started an expansion of the company that will infuse the American market with brand new products in coffee and tea, and the new energy drink will provide energy for people who desire only organic drinks. OrganoGold is going global with help from their visionary CEO, the best growing techniques and the most flavorful products in the world today. Bernardo Chua talks the brand on social media all the time, so be sure to follow his Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter accounts.