Exciting To Celebrate Skout’s Random Acts Of Kindness Week

Have you ever seen a random act of kindness? It is one of the most beautiful things to witness. I saw my friend commit a random act of kindness last week. We were both conscious of the fact that it was Random Acts Of Kindness Week, so I wasn’t surprised that he was being kind. However, I didn’t see it coming when he complimented a random woman on the subway train.

He wasn’t even trying to ask her out or be flirtatious. He just told her that her dress looked nice, and he told her to have a nice day. She smiled, and she was very appreciative. Then, we left the subway train. We didn’t linger, and he didn’t even ask for her number. She was attractive, too. He just wanted to be nice, so he did it, and we left.

Inspired To Be Kind

I met my friend on Skout. It’s an online social media website. We both had a lot in common, so we started talking about our interests. We were both really into the Super Bowl, and we went to the same Super Bowl Party after we knew each other for a couple weeks. We had fun partying. We kept hanging out, and we’re still close today. Skout is a great way to meet people online, and sometimes these meetings result in close friendships like this one.

Skout had inspired us to be kind to strangers because they had surveyed people on whether or not people are kind to strangers. It turns out that 93 percent of people have been kind to strangers in the past. It also turns out that 51 percent of people are kind to strangers at random on a daily basis. My friend and I talked about it, and we decided to try to do random acts of kindness during Random Acts Of Kindness Week.

It was really exciting to hang out together that week. We kept seeing opportunities to be kind to strangers. Sometimes we would do the random act. Other times we weren’t sure about it, but we would talk to each other about what we wanted to do for the stranger. It was a great experience because we were learning how to interact with others, and we were seeing what other people want to get out of their lives. Here’s Skout’s survey results published on Uloop’s website:

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