SKOUT And SF-Marin Celebrate National Potato Chip Day in a Big Way

SKOUT, an international and multilingual meet-and-greet app and company has found a unique and extremely beneficial way to celebrate National Potato Chip Day which took place this year on March 14. The company, founded in 2007, is well known for its commitment to community service. Hosting or frequently partnering with other companies to give back to the communities that need it most. One partner, the SF-Marin food bank, is the largest non-profit food bank in the area and provides more than 100,000 meals a day.

SKOUT and SF-Marin food bank partnered this year in the hopes of feeding 20,000 for the March 14 celebration. The SKOUT has several features, including the ability to send virtual gifts to friends and acquaintances who are also users. SKOUT decided to encourage users to send more gifts to one another and promised that for each virtual gift sent, the company would give an actual gift of cash to the food bank, and would keep giving until some 20,000 meals had been provided. The company even encouraged employees to get involved in the food drive and give back to the communities in which they live and work.

The main purpose of this global company is to connect the world. Their mission is to allow people from all over the world to connect and expand their social circles in a fun and safe environment. They have even built a generalized locator into the app to allow users to know the general location of people they want to connect with. Recently, the app has begun a nightlife feature which allows users to see where the hottest nightlife is in major cities. Once a user finds the party, club, concert, or the like that he or she is interested in attending, tickets can be purchased right through the app and the guest list can even be checked. Other users who may be attending the same event can also be viewed in the app.

SKOUT is on a mission to make the world a better, happier, more connected place. But the company recognizes that there is more than one way to do this and that immediate needs must be met as well. For this reason, SKOUT partners with SF-Marin to feed a population where 1 in every 4 is at risk of going hungry. SKOUT wants to work hard to eliminate this problem all over the world. Every day, this multifaceted company works hard to genuinely make the world a better place.

Why George Soros is Working Tirelessly to Defend the Principle of Open Society


John Kasich, the Ohio Governor, is regarded by many as the voice of reason among all the GOP presidential candidates. He has impressed George Soros, who is known to donate generously towards political causes, and his allies. His Republican nomination was boosted after he received a huge donation to facilitate his campaign for nomination. The donation came from Soros through his fund managers, Stanley Druckenmiller and Scott Bessent. The donation according to was to a tune of $488,375 and was directed what people call the “soft fund” of the Governor. Bessent served as the chief investment officer for Soros while Druckenmiller is the manager of the tycoon’s investment money amounting to $2 billion at a hedge fund.

This is not strange as Forbes’ George Soros is known have pumped several billions of dollars which have seen the formation of far-left organizations. Some of these organizations include ACORN,, and many more others which are all pro-amnesty. He has donated huge sums of money to Democrats vying for the Congress and has also donated $8 million to a PAC supporting Hillary Clinton.

George Soros has been very vocal on Fox News in his opposition to the suggestions of more border security from some GOP candidates such as Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. In his opinion, he said that the United States must reaffirm her commitment and dedication to promote the principle of open society and should not be carried away by what Trump and Cruz say. He is clearly against some statements and proposals by the two that could devalue the principle of open society that should be cherished by the Americans.

Kasich is expected to perform strongly in the Ohio State. Senator Marco Rubio through his campaign has called upon his supporters to support Kasich in a bid to make sure that Trump does not win more delegates.

Originally Reported in The Political Advisor

About George Soros

George Soros is an American Hungarian-born investor, philanthropist and hedge fund manager based in New York City. He was born in Budapest in 1930 and he holds both the American and Hungarian citizenship. He is the chairman of Soros Fund Management LLC. He is also the chairman of Open Society which he also founded. The society consists of a many foundations, projects and partners and has its presence in over 100 countries. The society reflects his opinions which support the respect of human rights, accountability of governments, and the diversification of truth rather than monopolizing it. The society is dedicated to create democracies that are both vibrant and tolerant and whose leadership reflects the expectations of the citizens. This is what makes the society unique as compared to other organizations. He has successfully used the society to exert his influence in restructuring political systems in several countries. As a result, he is very influential in the American politics.

Soros started his work as a philanthropist in 1979 where he gave blacks in South Africa scholarships at the time when apartheid was prevalent. He worked tirelessly to combat the spread of communism in the Eastern Bloc in the 1980s. He did this by providing Xerox machines that could copy the texts that were banned.

The Return of George Soros and the Future of the Democratic Party


New York Times recently reported that billionaire liberal philanthropist, George Soros would collaborate with like minded donors to create a campaign worth fifteen million dollars, in an effort to encourage Latinos and immigrants to vote in the upcoming election. The campaign is built around outrage stirred by the vitriolic and bigoted language of Donald J. Trump, and hopes to turn justified disgust into righteous votes for a Democratic candidate. The New York Times article highlights the scale of this outreach, molded by a ‘super PAC’ titled Immigrant Voters Win PAC. The said ‘super PAC’ revolves around reaching out towards undecided immigrant voters as much as it does the coordination of Latino Democrats already planning on showing up on election day. Strategists fear the lack of Democrats have showed for their party this season, while Republicans appear to be flocking to the polls. The recent spending shows a newly proactive Democratic Party directly acknowledging Latino disappointment in President Obama, while conservatives have assembled a collective entitled the Libre Intiative, dedicated to creating right wing Latino votes. The reemergence of George Soros has people talking. The man who crafted a two-hundred million dollar campaign to get George W. Bush thrown out of office has been relatively quiet in the political sphere since. Now, he’s donating five million to the new super PAC. Overall, Soros’ donations are looking to pass thirteen million, his biggest political investment since the 2004 election. The legendary Hungarian financier, has decided to contribute after listening the increasingly hateful rhetoric spewed by Donald J. Trump, and other Republican candidates, who are running on platforms based on policies to prevent Muslim refugees and Latino immigrants from entering the United States. Mr. Soros, a man who lived in hiding from Nazi forces, until later fleeing what had become the Soviet Union in 1947, does not take the words of politicians like Trump lightly, and will do whatever he can do to stop racist ideology to determine United States policy.

How Is Bernardo Chua Expanding The Vision For OrganoGold?

Bernardo Chua has presided over the OrganoGold brand for some time, and he is a scion of the coffee and tea industry. There are many people who love the OrganoGold brand because of their flavor, and OrganoGold has distinguished itself with their organic growing techniques. There are wonderful sellers around the world who are allowed to manage their own businesses, and this article explains how OrganoGold has become the greatest of all the tea and coffee manufacturers.

#1: Bernardo Chua Wants To Move Outside Asia

Asia has been the home of OrganoGold for several decades, and Bernardo has been happy to allow the Asian population to create a following for OrganoGold. Their coffees and teas are sold by the millions every year, and Bernardo has helped grow the company by adding more sellers, more products and maintaining organic growing. The move to North America coincides with the release of a new energy drink, and America is the greatest place to move for the energy drink market.

#2: The GanoExcel Expansion

GanoExcel is the organic and flavorful energy drink created by OrganoGold for the world market. There are several customers in America who would love to try a new energy drink, and fans of organic products will enjoy finding something that provides them with a needed boost of energy. Bernardo believes that OrganoGold may expand quite a lot with the help of GanoExcel, and new sellers in America will find new customers for the company.

#3: Why Has Bernardo Maintained Organic Growing Principles?

Organic growing is something that OrganoGold did before most other companies. Any company that has been growing organically has not been growing as long as OrganoGold. OrganoGold was several decades ahead of its time, and the company has maintained organic growing to keep up with the times. Bernardo has chosen to keep the organic growing principles of the company, and he uses those principles to market the company to this day.

Anyone who loves coffee and tea must try the OrganoGold brand as it makes its way to America. Bernardo Chua has started an expansion of the company that will infuse the American market with brand new products in coffee and tea, and the new energy drink will provide energy for people who desire only organic drinks. OrganoGold is going global with help from their visionary CEO, the best growing techniques and the most flavorful products in the world today. Bernardo Chua talks the brand on social media all the time, so be sure to follow his Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter accounts.

The Amazing Success of Sanjay Shah

In the world of investing, there are individuals who really stand out above the rest. These individuals have learned the ins and outs of the markets and understand what it really takes to have great success in the international markets. Sanjay Shah is the CEO of Solo Capital and an individual who has been able to master the art of investing over the time that he has been in the financial field. He has learned how to create great gains for himself personally and for clients as well. This has given him a reputation as one of the most successful and intelligent financial masterminds in the world. It will be amazing to see the future investments of Shah in the future with the volatile global markets.

Sanjay Shah has also become very influential in the world of philanthropy as well. When he met Snoop Dogg he merged his love for music and philanthropy together. With these two loves merged together, Shah was able to create Autism rocks. With one of Shah’s children being autistic it was easy for Shah to start a music festival that would benefit the research of autism. With this music festival being so successful there have been many individuals who have benefited from this money being poured into the world of autism research. It will be amazing to see the future developments in the world of autism due to the help from Shah.

Shah has been very successful in the world of business as well. The way in which he has managed funds in the past has set a precedence for investors all over the world. Shah has the ability to invest in a moments notice, and this is something that has helped Shah to be very successful in the international and developing markets. We can see many different investors worldwide that have started to emulate this type of investing.

George Soros Backs Hilary Clinton For The Presidency

The battle to be the U.S. President in 2016 has dragged many well known faces into the race, but behind the scenes the growing number of supporters for Hilary Clinton have been joined by the financial muscle of George Soros. Politico is reporting the hedge fund manager has provided around $8 million for two Clinton supporting Super-PAC’s to use in a bid to initially grant the former Secretary of State the Democratic nomination; for the Hungarian born and London educated financial expert this marks his return to the U.S. political scene he has remained isolated from since 2008.
Forbes billionaire George Soros has been a major figure in the politics of the world since the mid 1980s when he formed his Open Society Foundations group in a bid to fight the South African Apartheid regime. Since the initial movement towards political choices taken through the Open Society Foundations George Soros has been an important figure in politics from Eastern Europe to the U.S. In the U.S. Soros took his first steps into politics in his support of the Democratic party in 2004 when he provided financial backing for the candidate hoping to unseat President George W. Bush from the Oval Office.

In recent years George Soros has largely removed himself from the U.S. political scene after he expressed his unhappiness over the Presidency of Barrack Obama. Soros provided financial backing for Obama in 2008 over his current chosen nominee Hilary Clinton; in recent weeks Soros has explained his thoughts that he made the wrong decision in 2008 and should have thrown his support behind the former First Lady. In 2012, the reelection campaign of Barrack Obama was only given a $1 million donation from Soros as the hedge fund billionaire showed his unhappiness with the President.

The 2016 Presidential fight looks set to be a chance for George Soros to change the Democratic race by allowing him the chance to provide a large level of support for the Clinton campaign. So far George Soros has provided $8 million in donations for Clinton supporting Super-PAC’s, including his latest $6 million check for her main Super-PAC supporters.

Exciting To Celebrate Skout’s Random Acts Of Kindness Week

Have you ever seen a random act of kindness? It is one of the most beautiful things to witness. I saw my friend commit a random act of kindness last week. We were both conscious of the fact that it was Random Acts Of Kindness Week, so I wasn’t surprised that he was being kind. However, I didn’t see it coming when he complimented a random woman on the subway train.

He wasn’t even trying to ask her out or be flirtatious. He just told her that her dress looked nice, and he told her to have a nice day. She smiled, and she was very appreciative. Then, we left the subway train. We didn’t linger, and he didn’t even ask for her number. She was attractive, too. He just wanted to be nice, so he did it, and we left.

Inspired To Be Kind

I met my friend on Skout. It’s an online social media website. We both had a lot in common, so we started talking about our interests. We were both really into the Super Bowl, and we went to the same Super Bowl Party after we knew each other for a couple weeks. We had fun partying. We kept hanging out, and we’re still close today. Skout is a great way to meet people online, and sometimes these meetings result in close friendships like this one.

Skout had inspired us to be kind to strangers because they had surveyed people on whether or not people are kind to strangers. It turns out that 93 percent of people have been kind to strangers in the past. It also turns out that 51 percent of people are kind to strangers at random on a daily basis. My friend and I talked about it, and we decided to try to do random acts of kindness during Random Acts Of Kindness Week.

It was really exciting to hang out together that week. We kept seeing opportunities to be kind to strangers. Sometimes we would do the random act. Other times we weren’t sure about it, but we would talk to each other about what we wanted to do for the stranger. It was a great experience because we were learning how to interact with others, and we were seeing what other people want to get out of their lives. Here’s Skout’s survey results published on Uloop’s website:

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