Beneful and the Confident Dog

Confidence and Good Health Come with Beneful

Beneful has an abundance of experience with dogs. A confident and energetic dog is a well-fed dog. The proper meal must be included and incorporated in ever dog’s diet. The right diet plan can lead to confidence in every dog. Beneful provides premium dog food with the necessary nutrients. The balanced dog diet will leave your dog with the following:

* confidence

* an increased energy level

* a longer life filled with quality

* a beautiful coat of shiny fur

* strong teeth

Confidence will shine through in the dog that is healthy and happy. The meals will make a big difference in the overall health of your dog. Feeling healthy leads to confidence and happiness.

Premium Dog Food Will Bursts With Nutrients

Beneful is a Purinastore brand that offers high quality premium dog food that is bursting with the needed nutrients. Delicious flavors come with the healthy and nutritional ingredients. Beneful will make certain that every meal is filled with quality . The best ingredients are used in their dog food to ensure good health.

Beneful Adds Safety and Care

A clean and safe environment is needed in order to make superior dog food. Safety is a large part of Beneful. Safety is enforced by professionals who truly care about dogs. A safe dog food is the outcome when care is an ingredient added in the process.

The Beneful Pride

Beneful takes pride in the products that they offer. This is a company that loves animals. The Beneful team takes pride in all of their products.



Qnet Contributes To Flood Relief Programs

QNET, one of Asia’s reputable direct selling and e-commerce companies, makes a generous contribution to the Chennai natural disaster flood victims at IIFA Utsavam.

Qnet’s humanitarian program, QNET – WE CARE, shows makes contributions to the needy in various areas, including health and natural disasters relief programs. Qnet is well known for distributing basic household relief kits to people who have been adversely affected by floods and other natural disasters. 

About 200 families at Meenambakkam, Chennai received these kits and were extremely grateful. The kits included cooking pots, sheets, mats, and other necessities. QNET in India has contributed immensely in the sports arena. The company has been active in promoting sports for physically challenged individuals, an often neglected area.

QNET – WE CARE partners with reputable NGOs and organizations like Lion’s Club to ensure proper implementation of its CSR initiatives. QNET internationally has provided extensive support and has been catering to the needs of destitute and homeless.

Qnet is a reputable network marketing company that provides the necessary training and support to help their distributors achieve success. The company has been in business for many years and is considered one of the most reputable and reliable direct marketing companies in the industry. 

As a well established, renowned Asian direct selling and ecommerce company, QNET markets a vast range of products which comprises of life enhancing items that are offered through their team of distributors and proprietary e-commerce platform. 

Qnet’s line of products include Wellness and Energy, Luxury Watches and Jewelry, Health and Nutrition, Telecommunications, Homecare and House Ware, Holiday Packages and Memberships, Education, Personal Care and Cosmetics, and Personal and Business Development Books and Media.

There is a genuine interest and need for the products offered by Qnet, and all of their products are top notch. This means, anybody who wants to join their business opportunity and promote their products to consumers, will have a great opportunity to earn a decent income. So if you are considering joining Qnet network marketing and direct selling opportunity, you can rest assured that you will be working with a proven company.

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Qnet is an amazing network marketing and direct selling company, with highly needed life enhancing products. The company has a track record of ensuring customer satisfaction as well as the well being of their sales representatives. Qnet has more than 25 offices around the worldwide and has numerous sales representatives in many countries.

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Eucatex Strives to be an Environmentally Conscious Company

Eucatex is an environmentally conscious company that was founded in Brazil on November 23, 1951. They produce ceiling tiles and and panels from the eucalyptus plant. The first mill was in Salto in 1954. Between 1956 and 1965 created several offices in Brazil and Buenos Aries in Argentina. The company has since expanded to many regions through out the world including the United States, the United Kingdom, Holland, and Germany. Today, they also manufacture other products such as paints, varnishes, doors, and partition panels. They currently export to over 37 different countries. They offer various products and services including forestry leasing. This service provides individuals with the access to lease land owned by rural owners who have an agreement with Eucatex.

Eucatex is very environmentally conscious. They work towards leaving the least possible impact on the environment. They have many procedures in place to ensure that their carbon footprint remains as small as possible. For example, they have a recycling program. Eucatex reuses their wood residue which reduces pollution. They use the wood residue to generate energy. This has less impact on the environment because it does not utilize natural gas or diesel. They have also created a program called “House of Nature”. This program teaches visitors about conservation. It also teaches individuals about how important it is to properly utilize forests.

Flavio Maluf is the current president of Eucatex. He has been the CEO since April 29, 2005. He has worked with the company for over 30 years. Wikipedia shows that Flavio is a mechanical engineer, a lawyer, and an entrepreneur. His father Paulo Maluf was the owner of Eucatex, before Flavio stepped into the big shoes at the family company.

Camara Barbacena shows that Flavio began his career with Eucatex in 1987. He started off working in the trade sector of the company. He then moved on to the industrial area of the company then eventually worked his way up to the president. He graduated from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation and also studied administration at NYU.  Flavio Maluf has also introduced several initiatives to help out up and coming entrepreneurs in the country, including providing them with the training that they will require to become valuable workers as they enter the job market.

Bruce Levenson Makes Big Profit From The $850 Million Sale Of The Atlanta Hawks.

Bruce Levenson and the entire ownership partners of the Atlanta Hawks agreed to sell the franchise to a group led by Anthony Ressler for $850 million, an agreement which was approved by the NBA board of governors. The CEO of Hawks Steve Koonin together with the coach Mike Budenholzer were incorporated as part of the plans in the new ownership. The deal furthermore involved the operating control of Phillips Arena.

This came several months after Bruce Levenson announced his plans to sell his share of the ownership group in the basketball team in 2014. After his announcement, Michael Geargon, who is another significant party of the ownership with Bruce Levenson, together with the remaining minority owners of the club also joined Levenson to sell 100% of the franchise.

Bruce Levenso, the founder of UCG, was a former NBA team owner and an American businessman. He was co-owning Atlanta Hawks LLC which manages the Atlanta Hawks basketball team and the Philips Arena. He used to serve as the governor on the NBA board of governors for Hawks since 2004.Levenson together with Ed Peskowitz were the major partners of Atlanta Hawks LLC who owned the Hawks basketball team and the Philips arena collectively. Levenson was also the team manager and was responsible for hiring Danny Ferry as the general manager for Hawks.

Atlanta hawks is a professional basketball team based in Atlanta, Georgia who plays their home games at Phillips Arena. Bruce Levenson, together with co-owner Michael Geargon and other members bought the Hawks for $250 million in 2004, and therefore made a big profit with the sale. In 2014 Forbes magazine had valued Hawks at $425 million, but its value increased after the sales of the Clippers and Bucks that changed the entire franchise market. The NBA landed lucrative new television deals which resulted to the value of all franchises rising steeply.

Billionaire Antony Ressler, the new owner of the Hawks is alsoowns a private equity and investment firm. He is 55 years old with a net-worthy estimated at $1.4 billion by Forbes magazine. His group of ownership includes former NBA player Grant Hill together with Jesse Itzler who co-founded the Marquis jet. It also includes Sara Blakey who is the wife to Jesse Itzler. Ressler was also among the three finalists in the sale of Los Angeles Clippers though their bid of $1.2 billion fell short of the $2 billion purchase price.

The Atlanta city mayor welcomed the new owner and promised his support to the team, so as to ensure that Hawks remains in Atlanta for more years. The authority want the team to pledge to the city, where they have been based since locating from St. Louis in 1968.





Best applications for Meeting New People

A lot of social networks platforms are now in existence enabling people to enlarge their social circle. People can connect and be in touch with each other despite the distance separating them. An example of such social networks includes Skout, through Skout people can get connected both locally and internationally. The majority of Skout users are using it as a guide during their virtual journeys. People across the globe keep in touch with each other through Skout. The world has been reduced into a village by the social network application. The social network was founded in 2007 and since then it has gained a lot of users. Its primary functions when it was being introduced were to act as a travel guide and to connect people from different divides in the world.

Meet people across the world instantly by use of Skout. You will get the chance to take your online friendship and chats through the in-apps featured in Skout. By just tapping the button on your device, you can expand your social circle to cover different parts of the world. The most outstanding features you can come across in Skout include seeing who viewed your profile, seeing recent updates from users around you, being able to purchase and send gifts to different people, being able to identify and save your personal users. You are also capable of browsing through other user’s profiles and photos and promote your profile picture. The platform also has premium features that users can unlock and end up earning points for themselves.


It is dating application that has made it easier for people to be in touch. People can send photos and messages using the dating application. You can also browse through the pictures of your potential match that is staying within a particular mile of your location. Swiping right on the photo indicates that you like the photo. Swiping left means pass. If the person whom you liked their photo swipes like on your photo too, then the dating application allows both of you to send texts to each other.


The adults-only dating application is reported to have gained more than 200 million users across the globe. The location of the user is tracked by the app, and then it matches the user’s photos and profiles to other thousands of users that may end up communicating with each other. The application is strictly for adults only; no photos for persons under the age of 18 are allowed to be shared using the application.

Hot or Not

The dating application has been in existence for the past ten years. The location-based app works by showing its users the most attractive or the hottest people around as per their rating system. To start as a user of the app, one needs to sign up a user account, and then verify it using an existing email account or a Facebook account together with their mobile phones.


The tagline of this dating site is “Chat and Meet New People”. Users are provided with a match feature through which they can secretly admire other users. Communication with whoever you come across online is possible. Details require to set up an account include name and age, and a zip code. One can also use their Facebook account to some up with a new account.

How Beneful Has Changed the Dog Food Market

Dog food is something that you probably just pick up mindlessly when visiting the local grocery store. You probably don’t look at the label other than what it costs to buy. This can be a problem for your dog since lesser quality foods are all too common and they also have a range of disgusting filler ingredients that will hurt your dog’s health over time. Your dog’s coat might not be as shiny and they might simply act lethargic and lazy a lot of times because they are basically eating a junk food for dogs. While buying those lesser quality brands can save you money, Beneful is a high quality brand that is also quite affordable. In fact, Beneful is one of the leading dog food brands on the market at the current moment with millions of pet owners falling in love with their products and formulas. Beneful has been a household name for over a decade now and continues to create amazing products and formulations that they know your dog is going to devour. In fact, you will find that there is a Beneful product out there for all types of dogs. From the young pups to the elderly seniors, there are lots to look at and try for yourself. You will notice from many articles written about dog food quality that it is essential to go with a better brand for your dog’s overall health and vitality. Beneful is one brand that you can put your trust in and know that they nailed it when it came to their formulation. You can feel good giving this brand to your dog and the fact that you will be saving money in the process of buying the items from the local store. Dog food isn’t always easy to choose, but Beneful by Purina has made it easy to know that you are not only getting a great brand of food, but one that is going to give your dog the nutrition he or she needs to stay as healthy as possible. This is why so many people choose it for their own beloved dogs.