An Insight of Zika Virus According to Dr. Sergio Cortes

According to an article published on NPR, there were about 3,500 babies born with a birth defect, microcephaly, which is related to zika virus in Brazil. The virus was first identified in May 2015 and medical experts from Brazil and abroad believed there is a connection between the virus and the defect. One of the affected kids is Arthur, two and a half months old, who caught the virus from her mother Lima, who was bitten by the mosquito Aedes aegypti. The doctors detected the defect on the fetus during Lima’s visits to the clinic, and when time arrived for delivery, the infant has a small head.

Lima is among other parents who are faced with similar plight, and she believes the Brazilian government has forgotten them (both parents and their babies). Most of the affected families blames the government for neglecting another virus caused by the same mosquito, dengue, because it has failed to eradicate it, hence the spread of zika. The first case of this virus reported in May last year in Latin America, and since then the virus has spread to over half a million patients in Brazil. According to noticias, the government has neglected them because they are not getting enough support from the public medical facilities which majority of Brazilian relies on. For more info about the situation in Brazil,

About zika virus

The first case of zika virus was diagnosed in some African nations like Sierra Leone, Uganda and Tanzania around 1940s. According to Dr. Sergio Cortes, a Brazilian medical practitioner, the virus spread in other parts of Asia like Thailand and India. In 2015, the disease spread to nine Latin American countries including Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. This prompted World Health Organization to issue a warning relating to the dangers, consequences and possible impact the disease can cause to those affected. For additional information, click and read all relevant details from Sergio Cortes Oficial.

Difference between the symptoms of dengue and zika viruses according to Dr. Sergio Cortes

Today, Aedes aegypti is responsible for transmitting three viruses namely dengue, zika and chikungunya. Medical experts have established that the three diseases share similar symptoms like high fever, pains in the eyes and muscles as well as reddish spots on the skin, explains Dr. Sergio. According to him, pains in the eyes and muscle are very common symptoms in dengue. Although there are major similarities between zika and chikungunya, medical experts have established that redness of the eyes and itching in the cap are dominant in zika virus as Dr. Cortes reported.

The doctor says that medical experts are conducting further study and analysis to find out the level of severity of zika among the infants. He says that more studies are still underway to establish if a patient can host be affected by more than one virus at a time. Link on Noticias R7. Follow Dr. Sergio Cortes on LinkedIn and on Twitter

Greg Hague Proposes Innovative Strategies on Selling Homes

According to Greg, the process of selling homes has largely remained the same over the past 75 years. Amazon/Apple level strategies have hardly been used to sell real estate. Greg labels the traditional process of selling homes as hope marketing. This is because agents put signs in the yard, run few ads and hope that buyers will come along and purchase these properties. Hague hails Apple’s iPhone sophistication compared to the process adopted by the real estate industry of floating a $500,000 home in the market.

Through Real Estate Mavericks, Hague has designed a 22-Step Home Launch Formula. In addition, he has developed a 29-Day Fast Sale Plan. These plans work by initiating building excitement and demand before front-loading the home marketing efforts. This strategy elicits rush of buyers to the market once a home has been floated. On the 22-Step Home Launching Formula, the first step is building of anticipation before pre-launching, erecting a yard sign and substituting a home to MLS. In the pre-launch period, the listing agent designs the seller’s story of motivation that woos potential buyers. Hague argues that buyers are willing to part with more if the homes that they intend to purchase have not been put out in the market.

Through his coaching company, Hague advises that once real estate agents have listed a home for sale, they should not be in a hurry to place yard signs and enter the homes into MLS. These agents should make other agents in the community aware of their intent to sell a home. In addition, agents should reach out to potential buyers for a sneak preview to the homes before they can be put in market. When buyers find new homes that have not been in the market for long, they are likely to pay premium in order to own the homes. If the home has been in the market for long, they will presume that it is overpriced or it has concerns and will not purchase such a home.

Hague asserts that most real estate agents are accustomed to routine jobs. As such, they have not been exposed to different price maximization strategies utilized by the online marketers’ and top retail firms. This information was reported on Forbes as exhibited in the link below

Real Estate Mavericks
The real estate coaching institution has been phenomenon in providing outstanding lessons to real estate agents. The entity provides real estate agents and interested persons with immense knowledge of the real estate sector. Real Estate Mavericks provides norm-breaking formulas that help an agent to rile competitors. The courses provided are the 29-Day Fast Sale Program and the LinkedIn Pro.
Greg Hague
His career in real estate began when he was aged 12. It is at his dad’s firm that the young Greg started working as a janitor. While in college, he would sell real estate during the summer break. In 1974, Greg graduated from law school and passed the Ohio bar exam. Soon after, Greg and his law school friend founded their real estate. Within five years, the firm had been featured in Ohio newspaper and the Wall Street Journal. His turnaround came in 1980 when he lost everything. He learned valuable lessons from the loss. Greg started again from scratch and worked his way up to the top. Hague has been honored as a Pro Bono Attorney and Law Professor of the Year.

Entrepreneur George Soros and Book Burning in Russia


George Soros is a prominent businessman who is based in the United States. Although he’s a businessman, he also has other roles in his career. Soros has been everything from a writer to a philanthropist and beyond. He was born Schwartz György in Budapest, Hungary on August 12th, 1930. Soros relocated to New York, New York in 1956 after having spent some time in London in the United Kingdom. Soros has been an enthusiastic philanthropist for quite a while. His passion for philanthropy began in full force back in the 1970s.

One of Soros’ charitable organizations recently had an unusual experience. A Northern Russia institution of higher learning burned more than 50 books that were affiliated with one of Soros’ charities. This book burning occurred merely weeks after the charity was named as being a hazard to Russia’s security.

The books that were burned involved a program known as “Renewal of Humanitarian Education.” They were spotted at the Vorkuta Mining and Economic College. They were taken soon after and then promptly burned.

The office for the General Prosecutor in Russia made two parts of Soros’ charity world off-limits in November of 2015. The office placed the Open Society Institute and the Open Society Foundations on a specific “stop list.” This list indicates non-governmental entities located abroad that participate in things that the Russian government believes to be problematic. Soros serves as Open Society Foundations’ chairman.

Issues with Open Society Foundations began in the summer of 2015. The government in Russia suggested that they might make the organization off-limits due to its “pro-democracy” classification. The government implied that they believed that this organization (along with numerous others out there) stirs up aggression within the nation.

The primary goal of Soros’ Open Society Foundations at the start was to assist nations that needed guidance in moving forward from the world of communism. The priority of Open Society Foundations at the moment, however, is a little bit different. The organization now works hard to raise funds to encourage democracy in locations all around the planet.

Soros is considered to be among the 30 wealthiest individuals on the entire planet at this moment in time. Although Soros originally hails from the Central European country of Hungary, he became a citizen of the United States soon after moving there. His naturalization took place in December of 1961 when he was just 31 years of age.

Of Men, their Shoes and their Shoemakers

Jack Erwin is a newer men’s italian shoe company that was started by Ariel Nelson and Lane Gerson. Their initial goal starting out was to make a five hundred dollar worth shoe for one hundred dollars and sell it for two hundred dollars.Doing this would result in them having to remove the middleman. It was a challenging undertaking as every shoe needs a last which is a shaper that shapes a shoe properly and fit is really important because approximately thirty to forty percent of people return their shoes due to uncomfortable or improper fit.

Nelson and Gerson started with two thousand and five hundred shoes from a factory in Spain that was at a cost of 275,000 dollars put together from their family and friends. Amazingly their shoes sold out in two months. Currently the Jack Erwin company has twenty-three employees. They have a retail store in Manhattan. Nelson and Gerson claim sales have tripled and hope to make 100 million a year in five years’ time.

Jack Erwin isn’t the only company who have started to cut out the middleman to make a bigger profit and to sell more cost effective shoes to men. The shoe company Beckett Simonon is located in Colombia. This company makes shoes for the Mexico and Brazil market. Awl and Sundry have a different approach by letting their customers customize their shoes on their website.

The company Paul Evans is at the higher end of costs for men’s shoes by selling their shoes at three or four hundred dollars rather than the typical two hundred that shoe companies that cut out the middleman are able to do. They make their shoes in Italian factories where Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo make their shoes.

Although they cost more Paul Evans is still well worth the cost of an Italian shoe for far less than Gucci. All of their shoes are made from the finest calfskin in Naples, Italy. They design and are located primarily in New York though.

Why Skout Banned The Exchange Of Bathroom Photos

Every teenager parent should learn about social apps and the sites that teens use. In short, every parent should be tech savvy because the more they know, the more they are better placed to protect their children. Every parent should ensure that they communicate effectively with their teens and research on the web more often. A parent should also ensure that he/she encourages their children to speak to them. It is imperative that every parent keeps the lines of communication open with their children so as to encourage the teens to approach them when a problem arises.

A parent should also allow the teenager to use his/her store account or an account that is linked to an e-mail so that every time a new app is downloaded, he/she is notified. It is also imperative to inquire from the kids which apps are most popular with their friends to avoid being left out in the dark. Teenagers are most likely to open up about other people and not themselves.

There are numerous text messaging apps that are readily available for any mobile phone user to download. Provided there is a good internet connection, most of them do not have chat limits. There are also very many video messaging apps that teenagers can freely use provided they have internet connection. Many video messaging apps allow users to have a group chat that can at times accommodate up to a dozen users at once.

If a parent does not carefully scrutinize the way his/her teenager uses the smartphone or computer, it can easily be a recipe for disaster. This is because there is a lot of negative things that they can learn by simply using the internet. Teenagers need a lot of guidance when matters related to proper and mature usage of the internet and apps are concerned.

Not very many mobile apps have an age limit. The few that have also have a rather hard time knowing who is of adult age because users cheat about their birthdays when they register. However, one app has set the bar high when matters related to the content users can exchange is concerned. Skout is a travel dating app that in the recent past banned users from exchanging bathroom photos and nude photos as well.

The move came as a result of the app discovering that it has a lot of users who are not adults and who might be lured to the world of immorality by older ones. The move by Skout was highly welcomed by parents and teenagers because it laid a very deep emphasis when matters related to security and morality are concerned. If all mobile apps emulated Skout, all parents would not be worried about their teenagers doing weird stuff or interacting with the wrong people online.

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The 2015 New York Real Estate sale records

NYC Real Estate venture is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world. The value of this venture keeps going up and up as time goes. TOWN Residential is a real estate service provider, based in New York City. This company was founded in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger who is the CEO and Joseph Sitt who is the current co-chairman. TOWN Residential has gained market in New York in a period of just five years.

Some of the services that TOWN Residential offers to its clients are luxurious residential apartments and commercial and retail property developments. These apartments can be sold, leased, or even rented. The pricing of these properties varies because some people need apartments to live in, while others are looking for property developments. The success of this company comes from a team of professionals who has vast knowledge in real estate and is experienced to give quality services to the clients.

According to 2015 records in the New York City Real Estate venture, it is believed that $100.47 million has been used by various billionaires at the pinnacle of Extell Development. During the same year, Brooklyn was named the most expensive place where one can purchase a single residence. Some of the Chief Executives like Shaun Osher of a brokerage firms said that 2015 was a year with big sale.

The city experienced the largest sale of a single residence which was sold to Kenneth C. Griffin. Kenneth C. Griffin is estimated by Forbes to have a net worth of $7 billion. He purchased an 18-acre residence worth $147 million. Market observers and real estate brokers are confident that there will be better sales in the next few years. This is because, there are more developments that are taking place and are nearing completion.

Real estate developers say that there are rising demands for the buildings. Most of the buyers in New York City are from China. This is because they are looking for a place where they can park their money due to the uncertainty of their governments. Condominiums broke the record last year having made the best sales.