Prostate Cancer Information and Health Tips by Dr. David Samadi

At an unimaginable young age of 15, young Dr. David Samadi was forced to move from his country of birth to an alien nation. This move was pushed by the Iranian Movement making him seek refuge in Belgium since his birth country was no longer safe. However, more events continued to unravel for him since he had to relocate again to London before finally seeking permanent residence in the United States. While many would give up on their goals due to such happenings, Dr. David Samadi knew that he had to accomplish his dreams. Education was his only way out, and he pulled strings well.

His high school education was excellent, and it enabled him to win a full scholarship for his university education. He studied at Stony Brook University where he opted to learn biochemistry, a course he further advanced by earning an M.D from Stony Brook of Medicine sited in NY back in 1994. Further postgraduate education saw him enroll in Montefiore Medical center for urology studies and he as well studied proctology in 1996 at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. While being mentored by Professor Claude About, Dr. Samadi finalized his training on robotic radical prostatectomy fellowship in 2002, and he also studied proctology at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

After the long and intensive training, Dr. David Samadi eventually began practicing at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. Before long, he became the vice chairman of the Urology Department in Mt. Sinai School of Medicine. Such promotions showed his dedication and love for his career, and this can be vividly showed by his creativity and innovativeness of inventing the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment (SMART). This technology is particularized for carrying out prostate cancer surgeries, and he has used it to perform quality and successful operations to over 6,000 patients. This is in a short period of about a decade.

Since there are little successful and highly dedicated professionals in the medical field, it is impossible not to notice Dr. David Samadi’s contributions. Accordingly, he has been honored severally. For instance, he was awarded as the most compassionate doctor in 2011, America’s Top Doctors for Cancer in 2014, and he also pocketed the Vitals Patients’ Choice Award in 2014 as well. The New York Magazine also included him in the Best Doctor’s List, supporting the fact that he has made remarkable history of success as a specialized surgeon dealing with prostate, bladder and kidney cancers.

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Songwriters The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers is a famous band that is well known in the United States. They create music that has a dance DJ style to it. Alex and Drew are the leading members of the band. Alex had a passion for music from a young age. After graduating High School, he started writing his own music. Alex worked as a DJ at dance clubs during his 20’s. During this time, Drew was also pursuing his music career. He followed the success of Alex’s music and decided to travel to meet him. Once the two singers met, they hit it off musically right away. They started writing hit songs together. After much success, the band Chainsmokers was formed. Alex and Drew have had many top DJ style songs on music charts over the years.

The Chainsmokers band recently did an Interview in early 2018. Their new single, called “Sick Boy”, has a rocking dance tune to it. Alex and Drew want to bring in a new era of music. The band’s new songs in 2018 have a darker side to them. They reflect personal emotions and what is going on in the world. Alex discusses how social media reflects everyone’s lives. Fans are liking the new direction the band is taking. The Chainsmokers discuss their newest album that they recently put out. The band is making waves on the music charts with top #1 hits.

Alex and Drew collaborated with famous songwriters while making their newest album. The Chainsmokers have published positive Interviews over the years. These Interviews help the band gain a bigger fan base. They have also performed at live award shows. The Chainsmokers become more skillful and talented every time they perform at live shows. Alex and Drew are content with how successful their band has become. They are always pursuing their passion for music on and off the stage. The Chainsmokers band is excited to see where their musical journey will go.

Clayton Hutson Talks About His Business In The Rock Industry

As a very experienced rock tour manager, Clayton Hutson was recently interviewed by The Brotalk about his career. He says that he got his start by first earning a degree in theater design. Up until 2008, he worked for other companies in many capacities such as being an audio engineer, rigger, automation operator, and production manager among his positions putting together rock concerts. He says that the recession really affected the company he was working for in a negative way which prompted him to finally start his own business in the live entertainment industry.

Over the past twenty or so years Clayton Hutson has worked with some of the biggest acts. He is currently on Kid Rock’s tour, for instance. In 2005 he managed aspects of Garbage’s world tour called “Bleed Like Me”. In 2017 he was on OneRepublic’s tour of North America. He has also worked with Pink and Guns N’ Roses among some of rock’s biggest names.

Clayton Hutson says that his wide experience in the industry provided him with a number of marketable skills. He felt confident opening his own company due to this. He hired a team and he says that unlike other people with businesses in the industry he’ll take talent over nice 100% of the time. He says he’d far rather hire someone who is a curmudgeon but really talented at their job than someone who says all the right things, is really nice, but just isn’t all that competent. Learn more:

He says he does have one regret running his own company that he learned a lot from. Clayton Hutson was working as a subcontractor and the person they were working for became unhappy with the company he was working for. They asked him to take over, which he agreed to, and he ended up getting sued. Eventually, the lawsuit was dropped but not before he had to spend serious cash on lawyers to defend him. He said this taught him a lesson which was to legally protect his company’s vulnerabilities from lawsuits and to make sure he keeps a very good reputation in the industry.

Equities First Holdings- GC Report

Equities First Holdings is a company supporting the investors by providing a fast and affordable loan. The company nurtures the young business minds into significant ventures. People learn how to utilize the available resources to make use of the business opportunities as they arise. The company started in the year 2002 in Indianapolis by Al Christy Jr, the President.

Equities First Holdings is a response to the changing market finance. Investors were undergoing through a tough time of having debts. The company offers cash to help solve short-term financial instabilities. The firm involves people with a vision of expanding their net worth. The money given out can help start up some new ventures and grow the existing ones into large businesses.

Equities First Holdings cross borders into various nations like the United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, Sydney, and China. The credit given out is dependent on the performance of shares and stocks in the market.

Quality Local Bank in Texas

Nexbank is a thriving local bank in Texas. Located in Dallas, the bank has expanded quickly in recent years. There are various reasons for the success of the company. Not only do the leaders emphasize customer service, but there are plenty of economic opportunities in Dallas. Numerous people want to use the bank to borrow money for investment options. Nexbank has the resources to meet the needs of clients.

Capital Raising

Some people have interest in starting a company. Starting a company is an arduous process that is hard for most people. Nexbank offers initial financing for new business owners. Qualifying for a business loan is not easy. However, the people who work at Nexbank provide various lending options for their customers. People who have a solid credit history can easily qualify for a business loan.

Future Growth Projections

Nexbank is expected to grow in the future. The leaders of Nexbank are already developing plans for the next decade. Local banks must continue improving to meet the needs of customers. Many clients enjoy utilizing the products and services at local banks. In recent months, national banks have received negative press due to bad customer service practices. Anyone who needs a quality local bank should consider working with Nexbank.

Jeunesse Global delivers a great-tasting way to stay healthy

Jeunesse Global has made international waves with its astounding growth story. Founded in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, the company has grown from a hobby-business startup to become one of the top-selling health and beauty brands in the world.

When Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, two legends of the North American health and beauty industry, decided that they were finally ready to call it quits on their entrepreneurial careers and retire, the pioneering couple initially believed that they would truly be able to make it work. But both Ray and Lewis were of an irrepressibly industrious disposition. It didn’t take long for the boredom and ennui of retired life to set in. Soon, the couple had begun selling a number of health and beauty products out of the garage of their luxurious Florida estate.

This marked the beginning of Jeunesse Global. From the beginning, Lewis was able to use her deep expertise as a market researcher and broad base of industry contacts to find market niches that had gone unnoticed by the biggest names in the health and beauty sector. The result of this has been a lineup of truly revolutionary products, many of which can only be bought from Jeunesse Global.

One such product is the company’s healthy-heart drink. Called Reserve, the resveratrol-containing miracle drink is distilled from the same grapes with which the French make their fine red wine. The idea behind reserve is to pack the energy drink full of the heart-protecting resveratrol in order to deliver a great-tasting health drink that doesn’t carry the risks associated with alcohol consumption. In fact, Reserve has been clinically proven to deliver even more antioxidants that a single glass of red wine.

In addition to resveratrol, which has been clinically proven to contribute to lower rates of heart disease, Reserve contains a number of so-called superfruits, which further provide antioxidant effects and protect the cardiovascular health of the user. Some of these superfruits include, blueberries, pomegranate, concord grape and acai. Reserve also contains aloe vera extract as well as green tea and a special energy-boosting ingredient called L-Tyrosine.

Southridge Capital — Technology and Technical Evaluation

Southridge Capital is a financial firm that was founded in 1996. They currently have 11-50 employees and specialize in private equity. Stephen hicks is the CEO and chairman. The company has recently undergone a $5 million equity purchase agreement with Elite Data Services. This deal will set the company’s finances into a new areas of wealth and prominence. The company investors will be happy to know that they will be reaping the rewards of excellent investment skills. The acquisition will give Southridge Capital access to Elite Data Service’s sophisticated technology. They use their software to market and advertise solutions for generating revenue in various sectors. The excellent software has been implemented in healthcare, gaming, and automotive industries.

Southridge Capital prides themselves on being a diverse financial holding company. Their portfolio contains investments from every sector maintainable. The managers stay up to date on the latest technologies and market opportunities. Their specializations in small cap and mid cap companies give them a direct advantage over large companies. They are able to assist regular corporations in asset valuation, management, and investment opportunities. They customize investment and financing plans for their clients and aid them in restructuring their organizations. When they are preparing plans, they will asses the client’s financial record and evaluate their goals and needs. Once they have the proper criteria, they will put the plan into place and execute it. For more details visit Crunchbase.

The clients that have been represented by Southridge Capital have been ecstatic about the returns they have seen. Their assets have grown from the previous amount they were and they were able to operate more efficiently. The valuation process and merger and acquisition advising they offer helps businesses confidently complete major accounting events. The details of mergers must be exact and Southridge Capital meticulously evaluates the balance sheets of both companies and performs an audit on the company being acquired. If a management restructuring needs to occur, then they will assist in the restructuring by preserving as many positions as possible while maintaining financial efficiency. These services have saved many corporations thousands of dollars and has earned them the great reputation they enjoy.

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A Better Route to Cosmetics Success: Dr. Jennifer Walden

Life can be hard at times for most people, and life can be good at times for most people. Emotions seem to change with the seasons to some degree. Did you know that how you actually feel about your appearance, can adversely affect your confidence? That’s right! If you have a physical flaw, there are services that can help take the frustration away. Since nobody on earth is perfect, anyone can benefit from these changes. These changes come in the form of cosmetic surgery. These are not just any old cosmetic surgeries. They’re advanced surgeries that are noninvasive. Dr. Jennifer Walden provides some of the best noninvasive services at her very own medical practice, and it’s known as Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center.

This woman is well-accomplished thanks to her extended-educational background. She has attended both the University of Texas as well as the University of Texas Medical Branch. These two fine institutions has helped to produce this fine specimen that stands before you as of today. Walden has earned a B.A. in Biology, has attained a M.D., has worked with the affluent Plastic Surgery Associates and has been the salutatorian of her class while attending these universities. That right there is more than enough information to give you a better idea of the person in question.

When it comes to publications and research, few people in her class can outshine this diamond. She is the co-author of the “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery” textbook, and she has written a plethora of journalistic articles. Dr. Walden has been on a mission, and this mission is the reason to why she is so exceptional. In addition to that, the famous doctor has been named to numerous “top doctor” lists throughout her career. In the end, this loving mother of two boys will continue to pursue excellence, but who knows what she has in store in the coming years.

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How Heal N Soothe Heals the Body

Pain can be a real problem, but it doesn’t have to be if you use Heal N Soothe. This original formula created by Mother Nature herself is all that is needed to heal chronic pain. The natural secret lies in the systemic enzymes. These enzymes, combined with 12 of nature’s most powerful pain relievers, gives a powerful punch to pain. Ginger, Bromelain, Papain, Boswellia, and Turmeric among others, are all combined into one supplement. The best part? New customers can try it for free for 30 days.

Those who are new to Heal N Soothe, can sign up for the smartship program to get a 90 count bottle to try for one month. If you choose this option, you’ll get a discounted rate of $49.95 per bottle every month thereafter. Chronic pain needs a consistent but natural solution, and the shipping is always free.

This nutritional supplement isn’t an experiment. In fact, the systemic enzymes included in this supplement have been used over the last 50 years all around the world. Systemic is critical for healing because it refers to the entire body. Enzymes are what cause the nutrients to work faster, bringing welcome relief to those who suffer daily. The key for reducing that inflammation is the enzymes. All of this combined into one bottle is what helps people feel better. Although the first course of action for most individuals is to reach for a prescription medication, these systemic enzymes can change everything to bring an even greater amount of healing to those who need it most.

Do not mistake enzymes for the same thing as Advil. Advil is an anti-inflammatory, and therefore it does not address inflammation at the source. Enzymes will reduce inflammation down to deeper levels within the tissues. This means that tissue healing can begin as well as tissue repair and regeneration.

Inflammation can be dangerous when it goes untreated. Addressing it quickly and naturally will have the greatest impact on your overall health. Reducing inflammation means greater heart health, as well as improved recovery from injury and illness. NSAIDs, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, systemic enzymes will continue to promote healing for as long as the body needs it. Drugs only provide temporary relief. There is a lot to love about Heal N Soothe, and it’s a healthier choice.

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Talkspace Offers an Affordable, Safe Place to Talk

Ever since President Donald Trump was elected, the online therapy app known as Talkspace has been rapidly gaining users. Since November, 2016, the app, which was launched in 2012, has been growing 70-80 percent faster than what was originally projected.

Most users are millennials, with the average age being around mid-thirties. On the day of the 2016 election, Talkspace saw around 5 times the number of users it normally sees. The CEO, Oren Frank, believes this spike in therapy-seekers is due to all of the anxiety and stress around politics.

The affordability of the app is one thing that makes it so popular. For just 32 dollars a week, people can chat with licensed therapists and get the professional help they need, while not needing to talk in person to someone, which can cause anxiety for many people.

While around 80 percent of users are democrats and don’t support president Trump, there are also around 20 percent who are Trump supporters, leading Frank to believe that the surge in activity could be from general stress. However, since Trump’s election, Talkspace has seen a rise in LGBT, women, and other minority groups using the app.

Talkspace is an app where anyone over the age of 18 can get therapy from licensed therapists without even leaving their home. The app, which costs a mere 32 dollars a week, can be used on Android, iPhones, tablets, and computers.

Users communicate with therapists through an unlimited texting service. Talkspace is similar to a traditional, brick and mortar therapy office in that patients work with therapists to set goals, talk through problems, and get the help they need.