Omar Boraie – Man of Action

Omar Boraie, otherwise known as Sam, is the most upbeat in regards to two things:

  1. His vision for New Brunswick, one he saw four decades prior, is proceeding to come to fruition.
  1. Furthermore, individuals no longer believe he’s insane for having it.

Omar, the pleasant 73-year-old president and patriarch of Boraie Development LLC, lets out a tummy giggle as he relates to every one of the skeptics that he’s confronted since choosing it was his fantasy to help remake New Brunswick – in a similar way he saw in Europe firsthand – when he was a voyaging researcher of science from Egypt.

“When we began here in 1972, it was horrendous,” he says. “You couldn’t stroll in the city after 4 p.m. Everybody had left the city. In any case, I thought, ‘This is a territory where we could accomplish something.'”

In an article on Patch, in those days, New Brunswick looked much different from the all-encompassing perspective that Omar has through his eighth-floor office on Albany Street today. Truth be told, the view didn’t exist by any stretch of the imagination. The building denoted his first incredible venture around the local area. In all actuality, he was later seen as a revolutionary.

The building, Albany Street Plaza Tower One, brought the city its necessary Class A office space, 250,000 square feet, amid the 1980’s and 1990’s. Tower Two — situated alongside Tower One — was finished in 2003, helping the city include more Class A office space. However, for the town to proceed with its development, Omar understood that it required some top-flight private units, so he imagined the New York City Style One Spring Street Condominium building.

According to NJBiz, a quarter century later, the tallest working in New Brunswick came about with its 121 private units, 40,000 square feet of office space, 10,000 square feet of retail, a 400-space parking structure and outside space for one to grill, walk his or her dog or simply meditate on life’s pleasures. Omar retained a great deal of converted nonbelievers. He obviously had the last giggle. The building, which was finished in 2007, sold out in two months.

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Buffett’s Advice Is Wrong For Retirees, Argues Armour

Warren Buffet is often looked to as a sagacious source of information, particularly those readying for retirement by looking to invest some of their wealth to build a more reliable nest egg. But in a recent op-ed, fellow investor Tim Armour points out why Buffett’s method of passive investing may not be as effective for the people who hang on his every word.

Buffet’s method of bottom-up investing has made good use of the S&P 500 passive index, and he regularly urges those that look ton him for advice to stick with these funds because of their low risk and high potential for gains. While low risk may be attractive to retirees, Armour as the chairman of Capital group argues that the unusual length of the current bull market has made many forget that once the market turns they become just as volatile as an active fund. For those preparing for retirement this does not help build a healthy portfolio.

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Armour instead suggests that new investors not become so fixated on minimizing risk solely by looking through the passive index. Instead, Armour suggests that they do as he has done, and look to managers who are investing their own money into their funds. This willingness to sacrifice personal capital in order to see a fund grow isn’t just confidence, it’s an indicator the fund it set to grow.

Following this method, Timothy Armour found that he received returns that were 1.47% higher than the benchmark indexes on a per annual average after fund expenses were factored in.

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Thinking Outside The Tube

Ever see someone bust out a ball and start using it as lip balm? That’s EOS (most likely). Evolution of Smooth is what EOS stands for and smooth is what they are! EOS has become the second leading company for lip balm, just behind Burt’s Bee’s, in only 7 years. How did a new startup beat out companies like Chapstick and Blistex? By changing the way we look at lip balm. Studies showed that women simply were not satisfied with using the lip balms they’ve been using, and often lost it all together. EOS said that’s unacceptable!

Ditching the tube was a no brainer. EOS lip balm wanted to be innovative, so they designed a ball type container that makes a fun click sound when you close it. This design has now been used by multiple companies due to the fact that this simple design has converted many customers. The tube got lost in handbags constantly. This new design makes it hard for this product to slip into an unknown tear in your makeup bags!

Marketing was the next key to this company. EOS knows exactly who they want to market to: millennial women who like to keep up with current styles. Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, and even Brittney Spears are just a few of the celebrities EOS has promoting them! EOS has even been featured in multiple music videos. They do still have ads in magazines and whatnot, but EOS has utilized social media and all the different resources the internet has to offer. To get an example of the following this company has developed over the years, the company can post one photo of a new flavor and get around 40,000 likes. For more info, please visit

Interested in EOS? Try out their shaving creams and lotions too! EOS products are available on your local Walgreens, Walmart and Target stores nationwide!

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Julie Zuckerberg is an Experienced Recruiter

There are some recruiters who stand out among the rest because of the work that they do and all that they have to offer, and Julie Zuckerberg is one of those such people. She is someone who knows what she is doing and who has much to offer to the world. Julie Zuckerberg is someone who is experienced at what she does and who has spent a number of years in the industry. She has over a decade of experience working as a recruiter. She is the Executive Recruitment Lead at Deutsche Bank and she does a great job of working there.


Julie Zuckerberg has education in a variety of areas and she is well rounded because of the education that she has received. Her schooling includes a Philosophy degree from the City University of New York. She uses that degree in her work along with the other schooling that she has received. She attended New York Law School and learned a lot through her time there. The education that she undertook was important to her and all that she learned in each type of schooling influences her today and the way that she lives out here life.


Julie Zuckerberg started getting experience in the recruitment industry soon after she finished her studies. She started working for the Hudson Company in 2002. She worked for that company as their Director of Candidate Placement and she did a great job as she worked for them. She worked for that company for five years, and in that time she provided them with help in recruiting attorneys, paralegals, support staff, and case managers. She was responsible for recruiting those who would be working in both temporary and permanent positions. After she left the Hudson Company, Julie Zuckerberg joined the Citi Group and started to provide them with much needed assistance.


When she is not working, Julie Zuckerberg has a number of interests that keep her busy. She has many causes that she likes to contribute to and there is always something going on for her. She is active in the world of civil rights as well as the fields of science and technology. She is interested in helping those who are in need of help, and one of her interests is economic empowerment. She cares about both humans and animals, as is evidenced in her animal welfare work.


Julie Zuckerberg is someone who is well rounded and who has much to offer to the world. She has been working for a long time in a field in which she has become someone to look up to and respect.


Bruce Levenson and Former Hawks Ownership Group Sue Insurer

The New Hampshire Insurance Company is being sued by the former ownership group of the Atlanta Hawks National Basketball League franchise. The former ownership group is headed by Bruce Levenson. Levenson is in the position of its controlling partner.

The lawsuit is based upon a contention that the insurance company breached the terms and conditions of an insurance policy. Specifically, the former ownership group argues that New Hampshire Insurance Company breached the policy as to settlement of certain claims made by the Hawk’s former general manager, Danny Perry.

Beyond the breach of contract allegation put forth in the lawsuit, there is an allegation that the insurer has engaged in bad faith insurance settlement practices.

The former ownership group headed by Levenson seeks the payment of policy limits in the lawsuit. The group also has made demand for an additional 50 percent penalty from the insurance company. In addition, the former ownership group is seeking to have the defendant in the case reimburse attorney fees and other costs associated with the litigation.

Levenson is a business person with a broad background. According to Forbes Magazine, in addition to his participation with the Atlanta Hawks in the past, Levenson is one of the founders of United Communications Group. That business venture was founded in the 1970s by Levenson with a business partner.

Levenson is a founding board member of a business enterprise in the IT media industry. The business is called TechTarget. It is a publicly traded company. He also has served as an adviser for a BIA Digital Partners. That company is classified as a private equity firm.

Levenson is active in a considerable array of various types of philanthropic organizations and activities. These include the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C. He also has been heavily involved in the Hoop Dreams Foundation for an extended period of time.


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The Importance Of Financial Advisors Talking To Their Clients About Social Security

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Nationwide Investment Services Corporation Senior Vice President David Giertz talked about the importance of financial advisors talking to their clients about social security. David Giertzsaid that a recent study on his company conducted showed that the majority of financial advisors don’t discuss it all with their clients which is a big mistake for two reasons.

The first reason is that social security makes up a large percentage of most people’s income after retirement; up to 40% for many people. That makes the issue just far too large to ignore as part of addressing their overall financial needs on Bloomberg. The second problem is that the study showed that most clients will leave their financial advisor if they don’t talk about the subject since it is so important to them. Giertz says on Facebook that this will definitely hurt the advisor from a retention standpoint if they continue to ignore this issue. As for why many advisors avoid talking about social security Giertz said it was due to the sheer complexity, pointing out the Social Security Handbook has 2700 rules in it.

David Giertz works for Nationwide Investment Services Corporation out of his office in Columbus, Ohio. He has been the Vice President of the company’s Financial Distribution and Sales Division since April 2013. Since March 2013 he has also been the President of their subsidiary, Nationwide Financial Distributors, Inc. He continues to also serve as a financial adviser to his clients and has over 30 years of experience in the financial industry.

Giertz earned his Bachelor’s Degree in 1986 from Millikin University in Springfield, Illinois, majoring in Business Administration and General Management. Upon his graduation from Millikin University he quickly jumped into finance. He has also earned an MBA from the University of Miami – School of Business.


Clay Siegall Further Supports The Development Of Solutions For Cancer Treatment

Clay Siegall is a clinical scientist who has dedicated his career to developing solutions for the treatment of cancer and other terminal illnesses. As a co-founder of Seattle Genetics, he has helped in the development of the company and the installation of a strong research body, which has in the past one decade managed to come up with new and highly reliable drug pipelines. Seattle Genetics is one of the best performing companies in the healthcare industry and its shares shot up over the past five years due to the development of more drug pipelines and the introduction of the ADC Technology, which is gaining popularity as an option for cancer treatment across the world.

Seattle Genetics prides itself in sponsoring a research team that works on delivering ways of cancer treatment that are devoid of the risks of targeting cells that are not infected. They have been working to ensure all the treatment options they come up with are designed to eliminate the effects of some illnesses without having to induce medication that could potentially destroy neighboring cells. As Clay Siegall cites, the company is projected to record higher returns with their ADC Technology, which was tested and proved to offer all the above benefits. Many specialists prefer using this technology for its reliability and strength in the fight against cancer.

About Clay B. Siegall

Clay B. Siegall is an acclaimed authority in the cancer research industry and this is because of the solutions he has helped to offer to the industry. He has been working with different institutions to propose new methods of cancer treatment as well as championing for the development of drugs for other ailments.

His career is founded on clinical science and research, reason he also founded Seattle Genetics on research and the development of solutions that are reliable and unique. Through his support, the company has increased its partnerships with some of the best research institutes and is on a path towards international placement as the most preferred provider of cancer treatment solutions and technology. Clay Siegall has helped the company to grow since inception in 1998 and as the CEO is looking to leave it at a better position.



Chris Burch’s Unique Philosophy is Right on Target:

It is little wonder Chris Burch, Leader of Burch Creative Capital has done so well financially. His perspective about various sectors, complementing each other ideally is not only interesting; but engagingly correct. The following text sheds light on Chris’s unique vision.


Fashion and technology make good companions. Each industry is continually evolving. The industries tend to adhere to each other. Technological advances are coupled with fashion trends and vice versa. When, one thinks about it: this pairing of sectors is truly quite interesting. When glimpsing the histories of these sectors—insights come across as to each industries’ futures: together and separately. (Thoughts of Christopher Burch: however, not verbatim.)


The Boom Box was a very motivating musical source during the 70s decade. The musical enthusiast, simply, carried around this apparatus and listened to all of his favorite tunes. There were two handy areas, wherein: on one side, the listener listened to the tunes of the day, and another area, used for recording purposes. Such was accomplished by means of cassette decks. The popularity of the Boom Box continued during the eighties: except, now, movie story lines, became part of the mix. The carrying about of a musical device was pared down a bit, when persons started carrying The Walkman about. The next decade “saw” the birth of the iPod. The preceding description demonstrates that technological enhancements grow with what the general public, considers, reasonably trendy.


Today there is an interesting fusion of technology and fashion. Designers of fashion find delight in the creation of products, that are deliverable, to the general public. This coupling of fashion and technology is quite encouraging. When both are partnered together: products become much more refined.


Anouk Wipprecht is an extra-ordinarily talented Dutch designer. She is quite motivated in marrying technology and fashion. She mentions that doing so: allows the designer to grow, with respect to the creative process. Persons who know the highly skilled designer’s work, know that it is Ms. Wipprecht who created a drink making dress, named the ‘DareDroid’. She, too, created the self-painting dress titled: ‘Pseudomorphs’—both tremendous creative works.


There are protective forms of technology, which advance by means of fashion. Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin came up with a solution, in the form of making the bike helmet, not necessary. The two devised an airbag inside of a collar. This form of technology, allows the airbag, to conveniently “pop out” of the neckwear, to address any matters of impact, should the biker begin, descending, head-first from his bicycle. He is provided with a clearer vision, since he is not wearing a bike helmet. The device is handy, in that it is light. Once the airbag is triggered, it comes to full capacity, in an enormously short period of time—truly, instantaneously.


“Frontline Gloves”, the creation of Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon, allow firefighters, working in pairs, to trade valuable information, by way of “hand gestures,” without taking up oxygen, in order to properly communicate. The gloves, come with electronic mechanisms, which allow the other team member to receive information that the “coast is clear,” or that the “situation is unsafe.”


SegraSegra creates T-shirts and jackets, out of recycled bicycle inner-tubes. Emma Whiteside, quite literally, created a nascent work of art using recycled radiator copper and creating a beautiful, enormous gown.


Soledad Martin is busy working on a proto-type for shoes. While walking, an individual is able to charge his cellular device.


Diane Von Furstenberg, headed fashion in the right direction, allowing her runway models to wear Google Glass—a head mounted optical display, providing the appearance of eye-glasses.


As evidenced above, technology and fashion are very complimentary together. One is able to “lend a helping hand,” to the other—quite readily. Beautiful and extra-ordinary fashions come from using technology as a by-product: or the other way around, too. The idea of form and function, is foremost, when combining technology and fashion. The motivating force of the future is in the fact that each industry learns from the other. In doing so: the world—as a whole, becomes one of grand composition; and everyone in it, attains the sense of greater security.


Profile of Chris Burch:


Chris Burch of Burch Creative Capital comes from a middle-of-the-road family. He was born and bred on the East Coast of the United States. Chris, in 1976, while he was a student at Ithaca College, and his brother, Robert, initiated ‘Eagle’s Eye’ apparel. The investment for the project was $2,000. He purchased sweaters for ten bucks and sold them for fifteen dollars. Burch made it a point to manufacture his product. He sold his product line, on campus. His line expanded to other campus sites. Soon the brand was made available, in the way of retail establishments. The brand expanded to an impressive $140 million in total sales revenue. The company, in part, was sold to ‘Swire Group’, in 1989. It was sold, in its entirety, at the end of the 90s. The end deal was that of sixty-million dollars.


Chris, over the years, has participated in a number of very appealing investment deals. His portfolio includes: a trendy office supply establishment that goes by the name of ‘Poppin’, a producer of phone gadgetry known as ‘Aliph’, which, by the way, owns the popularized Bluetooth handset—‘Jawbone’, and Powermat—a wireless charging setup. Chris, too, has invested, heavily, in the real estate market. He has properties in The Hamptons, a property in Nantucket, and a beautiful resort in Indonesia. The highly-refined resort is on the Island of Sumba. He has invested in other endeavors such as ‘BaubleBar’, ED by Ellen DeGeneres and Voss Water. All-in-all, Chris has involved, himself, in investing in well over 50 retail brands as well as investing in property, in all parts of the world.



The Impact George Soros Has Had On Progress

Creating A Billion Dollar Fortune
The finance industry has created plenty of billionaires, but George Soros still manages to stand out from the bunch. He is known as the worlds most successful hedge fund manager. With more than 425 billion dollars attached to his name his personal hedge fund is the world’s most successful in the world. There simply aren’t many people who can claim that they have generated the same amount over their career.

Using A Billion Dollar Fortune
George Soros uses his billion dollar fortune to help out others who are less fortunate than him. Particular, he uses his wealth to contribute to the political campaigns of politicians he believes share his values and to progressive movements around the world such as Black lives Matter on While there are many out there who attack George Soros, it is impossible to deny the improvements his work has produced. Many formerly communist countries of eastern Europe according to Forbes are now operating with free markets thanks to his work. He understands what it takes to make people successful and he makes it happen.

Fighting Against Oppression Worldwide
The center of his philanthropy is the fight to create open societies on Politico. Traditionally, in most parts of the world your position in life was fixed and there was little you could to actually change your lot in life. This situation changes in an open society. People are able to succeed based upon merit rather than by their family name. George Soros understands this better than anyone else and does everything he can to make it possible for others to share the chances for prosperity that he has experienced for himself.

A Major Disappointment For George Soros
2016 in general was a year full of surprises. There was the Brexit campaign of the summer and its success, the presidential campaign of Donald Trump and his success, among other surprises of the year. George Soros had invested heavily in left leaning politicians and was deeply disappointed in the results of these elections. He wanted to see the continued shift towards progressive policies and politics.

Finding A Way To Bounce Back
Soros isn’t allowing the failures of last to keep him from trying to make a difference in politics. More than ever he is now prepared to fight against Donald Trump and to take on the European Right. He believes these movements represent a serious shift towards authoritarianism and may spell disaster for the rights of minorities reported on Biography. To take on this rising wave of nationalism he is enlisting the help of just about every progressive donor and top left wing politician that he can. There is much at stake and he is determined to protect the progressive legacy.

Dr. JeanMarie Guenot offers her Great Services to Amphivena Therapeutics


With the leadership of JeanMarie Guenot, Amphivena is a company that is headed in the right direction. It has already succeeded in addressing issues that are related to cancer patients. The company has a mission to ensure that they have done away with diseases that are related to blood. They are following the idea that with blood that is forming and flowing in the proper manner, the immune system of the body will destroy the tumors that cause cancer.

The company began in the year 2013, and its headquarters are in San Francisco. It is a company that is innovative, and it is finding ways of working with scholars and scientists of the world. It associates with academic experts so as to solve the problems that cancer patients face in today’s world. The services provided by the company help patients suffering from hematologic malignancies. They strive to give them the best treatment so that they can improve their lives.


The company’s success is attributed to the leadership of JeanMarie Guenot. She is a Ph.D. holder and has a vast experience in various fields. Her experience is unmatched since she has been working in both private and public are for over two decades now. That is the reason she has a lot of expertise in the fields of pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology. She has also taken part in building and rebuilding of companies. That is why the innovative Amphivena is now counting a series of successes.


She went for her higher education at the University of California, according to Jeanmarie’s website. She studied fields such as physical chemistry, Medical Chemistry, prediction of protein structure, X-ray, drug design and many other areas that are related to medicine. She later obtained her Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania. After school, she went on to succeed in her career and has worked for many companies that attest their success to her hard work and dedication to achieve what she wants. Her passion for what she does is what has made her excel together with the businesses that she serves. With her right leadership, it is clear that the company is going to achieve its aims.