Deirdre Baggot: Great Observations on Bundled Payments

Deirdre Baggot is a vocal pillar at The Camden Group. She serves as the vice president of the firm. This is a healthcare consulting firm located in El Segundo. She recently released a post addressing the bundled payments. This was after the announcement from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation as a national expansion project. This initiative reveals that there will be a call off on the physician fee-for-service in the country with the largest insurer.

Most commercial payers are interested in knowing what happens in each step. She speaks out saying that the success of the bundled payment will be determined by the kind of visionary leadership, best practices, and effective methods of making decisions. It is the responsibility of the healthcare organizations to evaluate and find out what is exactly needed in making the payments effective. Some of the difficult issues she highlights concerning bundled payments are as follows. View at to know more.

One of the issues comes in providing what is necessary for the patients and leaving what they do not need. It will be a difficult time for those that offer tests and procedures by striking a balance between what the patient and family dictate to the requirement by the medical practice. Currently, services are provided according to diagnostics and therapeutics. These bundled payments dictate that the practice incorporates the discipline of what they do not need a part of the fee of value. The second point is that there will be no volume play. The third thing is managing the change. Many changes are demanded effective implementation of the bundled payments. For example, it strongly requires competence in leadership who are in charge of managing the services.

Finally, this brings an approach to accountability in the health sector. When the practices are implemented in the right manner, it will facilitate a positive feedback mechanism in ensuring that the system holds each practitioner accountable. This will build a network of empathy and care for patients. Deirdre Baggot emphasizes on those truths so that before focusing on the entire matter, the right avenues will take time to evaluate and analyze to ensure that it functions well. All this is for the benefit of the patients and bringing light in the entire healthcare system.


Malcolm CasSelle’s WAX Gives Gamers A Return of Investment

Gamers have been dealing in virtual assets for a long time. In-game content is prevalent everywhere, but it is not cross platform, and it is not cross game. Digital currencies purchased in one game cannot be used in another, much like an asset such as armor cannot be used by anyone other than the gamer who bought it. For this reason in game currency is not considered a viable trade medium. You cannot trade it. But what it that was different? What if virtual assets could be traded from gamer to gamer?

This is the development that Malcolm CasSelle and OPSkins is currently working on. CasSelle is an entrepreneur, investor, and innovator who has been working his way through the digital world since ’95. he has held top executive positions in numerous start-ups, and is always at the forefront of the industry. CasSelle was an early stage investor in Bitcoin, Facebook, and Zynga.

Currently he is the CIO of OPSkins and CEO of WAX. In his tenure at OPSkins he has led the company into becoming a global leader of in-game asset sales, as well as the foremost Bitcoin merchant on the planet.

WAX stands for Worldwide Asset Exchange and it is a revolutionary new trading platform that operates in decentralized marketplaces. The difference between centralized and decentralized marketplaces are simple. More can be done in decentralized marketplaces but they have lower security than centralized marketplaces, leaving them open to fragmentation and fraud. WAX employs blockchains to protect its users, creating a series of smart lists that offer credibility and security. Through WAX gamers can finally get a return of investment.

WAS is P2P marketplace that allows players to sell digital assets to other players. The currencies and assets can be traded cross game. This allows a player who purchases armor to turn around and sell the armor to another player. A return of investment means digital assets gain trade value, making them monetary assets. WAX could very well be the bridge that takes cryptocurrency mainstream depending on its success and saturation.

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Academy of Art University

Ready to dive into the world of acting, motion picture and television, or how about photography or industrial design? Academy of Art University offers students with creative aspirations the opportunity to build a foundation within these academic majors and so much more. Located in San Francisco, California, Academy of Art University is one of the largest privately owned design institutions in the United States for individuals to receive an associates, bachelors, or masters degree in the field of the arts both in class and online. Founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens who has a painter and magazine editor, Academy of Art University continues to uphold high standards for educational advancement, being accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, as well as upholding accreditation as a member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

These educational standards can also be experienced through the facility of experienced individuals who utilize their years of arts advancement to support students via one on one engagement, interactive projects, and best practices to prepare students for what they may encounter while working within their designated fields. Instructors who have graced the classrooms of Academy of Art University are journalist and creator of the Discover Channel show “The Next Step” Richard Hart, and Tom Bertino, professional animator whose work can be seen in Star Wars, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, etc. Through its continual expertise, passion, and persistence Academy of Art University has gone on to lay the foundation for some of the individuals we see on various media outlets today, including alumni Deanne Fitzmaurice, photographer and winner of a 2005 Pulitzer Prize, Alexandria Von Bromssen, Runner-up on Project Runway Season 12, actress and singer Raven-Symoné, etc.

The above mentioned individuals are just the icing on the cake. Academy of Art University’s influence can also be seen in the new Avengers: Infinity War movie via Jan Philip Cramer, who served as the animation supervisor for this film! Having graduated with a BFA from the School of Animation and Visual Effects in 2004, his work can also be seen in Avatar, Deadpool, etc.

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Randal Nardone Started Fortress Investment Group with Good Intentions

When Randal Nardone and the other co-founders came up with the idea for Fortress Investment Group, they knew they could do things that would actually help people with investing. They also knew a lot about the right way to continue showing people how to invest the money they had. The company always knew what to do and knew there were things that would keep getting better for all the people they worked with. Fortress Investment Group showed others they had a chance to try things that would help them and show them the right way to invest. It was their goal of helping that made it easier for people to try things on their own. By the time Fortress Investment Group really began taking off, Randal Nardone was already a billionaire.He knew investing money was important and knew the right way to make great investments.

It gave him the chance to do things right and also made things easier on everything he did. For the company to see what they could do, Randal Nardone always wanted to make things easier on those who needed help. He also felt good about giving people positive experiences so they could try things on their own. Even though Fortress Investment Group is made up of several co-founders, Randal Nardone knows how to help clients the most. He focuses all his efforts on client involvement and tries giving people the right chances they need for success. He also does things that other people are unable to do because of the way they handle business. It makes sense for Nardone to keep giving people the things that will help them through difficult situations.

Nardone always did a lot of work to come up with these ideas and these things that would help others realize they were doing everything in the best way possible.By the time the company started, people could see what was going on with it and what they had to do to make sure things were getting better. They also did a lot of work that made sense for the company so others didn’t have to worry about it. Randal Nardone felt the company was an extension of his own career. He treated it as something he could do easily and something he used as a reflection of himself. It made sense to him to continue offering positive opportunities no matter what happened with the company.

A Three Pillars Approach to Financial Planning – Richard Dwayne Blair

Background Information About Richard Blair

Richard Blair is a financial investment advisor. His passion in this industry made him create Wealth Solutions Inc. This is a successful financial firm that has been registered as a Registered Investment Advisory Company. The firm was recently valued to worth $52 million.

Wealth Solutions Inc. aims to offer advisory solutions to entrepreneurs and families. For many years, Richard Blair, CEO Wealth Solutions Inc., has specialized in formulating retirement plans and retirement income solutions for his Austin, Texas clients.

Since Richard Blair was in school, he desired to provide financial solutions to clients. Thus, he founded Wealth Solutions Inc. as soon as he was through with college. Richard Blair believes in a financial three-way pillar that has enabled him to meet success with his clients.

A Three Pillars Approach to Financial Planning

For you to meet your financial goals, you have to formulate a plan to realize your objectives. According to Richard Dwayne Blair, the three pillars have established success in planning the retirement plans for his clients. This roadmap has assisted his clients from Austin, Texas to realize their unique goals which will be a guide for many years to come.

The following three pillars helps Richard Blair in formulating a comprehensive financial plan. Through this, he can observe the client’s current financial state, and the retirement needs to create a convenient and friendly retirement plan.

First Pillar

According to Richard Dwayne Flair, this is the most fundamental stage of the process. In this process, Richard formulates a client’s financial roadmap. He achieves this by assessing the strengths, goals, risk tolerance, and expectations of the clients. Moreover, this stage helps him maintain an honest and healthy relationship with a client. Through the first pillar, he can understand the goals and the concerns of a client.

Second Pillar

After the roadmap has been established, the second stage comes in to provide a long-term investment based on a client’s expectations, liquidity state, and goals. In this case, Richard manages the assets of a client and ensures maximum productivity.

Third Pillar

This is the final pillar which allows monitoring and implementation. Through his knowledge, Richard tracks the performance of a client based on the set-out expectations and goals.

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Why William Saito Is an Inspiration To Young People in Japan

William Saito Hiroyuki is a successful investor, cybersecurity expert, an author, and businessman whose parents migrated from Japan to the United States. The Japanese-American was born in the city of Los Angeles in 1971, and from a tender age of 10 years, he was already interested in technology and was researching on computer programing. His easy-going personality, decisiveness and creativity make it easy for people to engage him as a businessman.


His latest book interestingly covers and illustrates his beginner days establishing his business and trying to succeed in a technology world full of hurdles. It is titled ‘An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur.’ He writes that from a young age he has always had an engineering mind an undying curiosity to disassemble gadgets like phones studying how the software works. He hilariously recounts how this got him into trouble with his parents after he dismantled a computer they had sacrificed to buy him, an experience that increased his desire to understand software and networks.


Computers and technology was not as sophisticated as it is today when William Saito was growing up in the 1980’s. Computers were expensive and the internet was still a new and costly phenomenon. For Instance, they used a bulletin-board-system to message which is ancient to today’s systems. Saito eventually founded a successful software company while at the University. He creatively maneuvered college as a young Chief Executive Officer who interpreted software in Japanese for companies in Japan. Saito later developed a biometric recognition system that uses fingerprints which saw him work with Sony. This heightened his company’s status as a security company in the technology sector. He later sold the company to Microsoft in 2000.


William Saito’s expertise has earned him a seat on several advisory boards for the Japanese government and cabinet on matters of cybersecurity. He was a member of the special unit set up by the Japanese government to advise it on preparations for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. He was also the strategic advisor to Japan airlines for two years.


William Saito has also consulted for international firms like PricewaterhouseCoopers and The Chertoff Group. He is also an established businessman who invests heavily in tech startups. He seeks to advise individuals on how to adapt their businesses to the changing technology needs.

Vinod Gupta- Embracing the World Trends and Insights

Vinod Gupta typical day is made productive by building and planning for the longevity of his company that investing his time and energy in the daily operations. He states that his long-term goals are crucial to the growth of the business and it aids in maintaining company growth and success. He advises other employers to adopt the power of delegating the operational side of the business and work hard on firm future functions. According to Vinod Gupta, he becomes more productive and able to devote his abundant energy in long-term planning and also implementing of a dependable core team.

The Everest Group main agenda is acquiring steady pace that within the realm of dealing with the background checks, digital printing, operational platforms and other critical niche fields that deals with information technology. Vinod Gupta states that for his to the successful acquisition of companies and bringing them into the success he needs to be hands -free from the operations of the daily running of the business operations. He says that integral market testing is what brings his products; new technologies and ideas to life and limiting of the field testing are the most significant mistake for any entrepreneur.

Gupta advice other entrepreneurs to avoid being overconfident about their new ideas, products or even services and states that for any real plan to flourish it must have a gap in the market.

Vinod Gupta loves the growth of the artificial intelligence, and it’s one trend that excites him since there is a chance of using the database for decision making in an automated and streamlined manner. Gupta’s productive habit is blending technology with his products for more increased usability productivity and also their longevity, and one crucial advice he would give to his younger self is taking many risks and cutting in spending.

Vinod advises startup companies to follow their guts and always conduct internal costs-benefits analysis before starting the business. The cost-benefit analysis is vital for any company since it keeps tabs on the investment capital and returns helping a business person use a reasonable threshold for risks. Vinod Gupta has substantial knowledge in Engineering and Agriculture creating a strong foundation for his professional pursuits.

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Jeff Herman’s Advice on How to Protect Children from Predators

Modern technology has cultivated a new avenue for predators to reach their targets. As parents and caregivers, it’s important for us to protect our children and ensure their safety. Jeff Herman, a nationally acknowledged attorney and advocate for survivors of rape, sexual abuse and sexual exploitation, offers his advice on how to speak to your children about these issues, as well as how to recognize signs that something has happened. An informed child or parent is better able to protect themselves and loved ones against predators.

Jeff Herman is known for representing several high-profile cases. Herman won a case granting 100 million dollars for a client, who was sexually abused by a priest. He also represented multiple men in the sexual abuse case, against former Elmo puppeteer, Kevin Clash. Herman has a Boca Raton law firm devoted to solely representing victims of sexual abuse cases, all over the nation.

Herman’s key piece of advice, is that parents create a trusting dynamic in the relationships with their children. With trust comes openness. A child would feel more comfortable sharing with you if the relationship is a positive one. This leaves the door open for communication, if an issue was to occur.

Herman also suggest that you start talking to your children at an early age. However, it is essential that age appropriate language is used. Teach children about their bodies and how to keep boundaries. It’s important for a child to hear this in a way, in which they can truly grasp the concept and understand that no one is allowed to cross those boundaries.

Your children should understand and have the confidence to say ‘No’. Instill this concept in them at young age and ensure they understand that people in positions of trust or even friends can be deceptive. Help your child get a clear picture by using examples and making sure to mention people like teachers, police officers, family members, coaches, clergy’s and friends.

Keep a close eye on your child’s internet activities. Keep your child’s usernames and passwords to all accounts and occasionally log on to see what’s happening. Knowledge is power and sharing this knowledge with your children will help prevent the harmful effects of sexual abuse.

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Talking with Roseann Bennett About Success as a Therapist

Roseann Bennett, a sought after family therapist and therapist for married couples has had a successful career. Her accomplishments over the last decade of her career say it all. Having worked with individuals from all walks of life, she has been able to learn more about families and couples and how they function based upon their upbringing and current surroundings. As in-home family therapist, Roseann has had the pleasure of delving into various aspects of family as well as with individuals for treatment. What makes her unique?

Roseann dedicated her work to families and adolescents. Additionally, her success was not limited to being a family therapist alone, but she also made a name for herself as a business leader. This served her well in 2009 when she set out to build the Center for Assessment and Treatment. Setting it up as a charitable organization, a 501 c, Bennett wanted to ensure that those who were typically viewed as outcasts in the community would be able to get the treatment they need regardless of their circumstances or background. The center was finally ready in 2010, opening its doors to all who were seeking assistance.

When time allows, Roseann focuses on blogging about business for women, as well as for mental health and what is involved in the care of individuals and families. Her goal is to reach as many people as she can through her valuable content, giving her readers both an education on these topics and helping them determine their next steps. It’s through her strong work ethic that all of this was possible, giving of her time and knowledge to those looking for help.

Because Roseann follows a strict routine, she rises early to get to as much as she can as quickly as she can. Her first priority is checking emails and checking in with staff as well as with patients when she is seeing them one on one.

Roseann continues to teach continuing education classes while she is striving for success in her treatment center. She enjoys massage on the weekends, and she is focused on other aspects of self-care to remain healthy and energetic.

Anil Chaturvedi Applauds Make in India Initiatives

Anil Chaturvedi continues to provide perspective and insight into the various cultural and financial dynamics that would increase the efficiency and effectiveness of banking institutions and corporate organizations in the Indian business market to apply the new Make in India initiatives that are continuing to gain steam and popularity. Anil Chaturvedi has been on the front lines of the Indian market expansion process into the US, Europe, and Asia with various high-level banking leadership positions within some of the world’s biggest and most respected financial institutions. The Indian market is an untapped resource that has not been fully integrated into the global paradigm of successful consumer markets but is continuing to provide the necessary infrastructural insight and investment dynamics to propel the country into a thriving industrial consumer base. In fact, Anil Chaturvedi applauds the Make in India initiative that the country has developed as an intellectual construct that will help to eliminate risk and challenges within the Indian market. The tremendous opportunities for investment in India will require intellectual patience, corporate leadership, and guidance to overcome the challenges in the market and truly capitalize on the opportunities within the country to generate high rates of return on investment. E-commerce will play a major part in the advancement of the Indian consumer expansion with the likes of global e-commerce conglomerate Amazon, who has recently invested heavily in the Indian landscape with more than 50 strategic logistics centers in the country. The retail market in India is very unstructured and unorganized and will require continued investment in retail infrastructure and corporate guidance to strategically provide corporations with blueprints for continued success in both e-commerce and retail marketing. India has the purchasing power that is equal to the European and the United States markets with over half a billion in population and continued increases in the standard of living within the country. Anil Chaturvedi is continuing to provide a valuable perspective from a banking point of view that will allow investors to understand the complexities of the Indian market and the Make in India initiatives to develop strategies to penetrate and reap the rewards of this developing market.